Word is slowly spreading

Good morning, my fellow Vampire Diaries followers!

I hope Friday finds you all doing well and in the words of Stanly T. from the Morning Mashup on Sirius/XM…..hopefully it’s a pay day for you!

So, I started this blog approximately three days ago and I’m still working on it (which is obvious if you look at the few blank pages I have).    What I’m hoping for this site is interaction with so many of you out there who love this show as much as I do.   I want this blog to be a place where we can all come together and discuss the television show, the characters, the actors, the books, merchandise, anything that is Vampire Diaries.  

Last night I posted a request for some help on a moniker for our legion and this morning I would like to request some additional help on this blog site.   What do you guys want to see?   What would make things easier for you?   What is most appealing?  

This weekend I will finish up the Elena, Damon, and Stefan pages with some pics, interviews, and my own personal little blogs about the characters themselves.  

Until later!


Seven Weeks Until V-Day

Haha!   To most people, V-Day is a shortened version for Valentine’s Day, for those of us (like myself) in love with Vampire Diaries, V-Day is Vampire Day.  Nah, it’s not a real day or a national holiday, but it is the day that Season 2 premieres, which is exactly seven weeks from today!  

It’s been a while since I longed for the days of my summer to speed by into a jar of history, but I find myself compelled (how about that as an ode to the magical mind bending talents of vampires) to make the days tick by much faster.   Is it not sad that I am wishing my days away for a television show?  Perhaps, but much like the fans of Twilight I am anxious for the next phase in this romantic love triangle.  

So, I’d like to ask for some help from my readers.   I know, there are so few of you out there right now.   My friend commented that Star Trek had what they called Trekkies and Twilight had what they called Twihards.   What about Vampire Diaries fans?   What do we call ourselves?   So what I propose is a few names, monikers if you will, for our little coven.   If I receive enough names, then I’ll put them to a vote.  

Hope you all are enjoying your summer as well as your summer of Vampire Diaries repeats.

Katherine and Elena to meet?

I met my friend, Aletha on a cruise back in May.   She and her husband were seated at our dining table and we immediately hit it off.   The following day, I sawthe two of them by the pool and noticed Aletha reading a book.   I was a bit of a distance away and couldn’t exactly see the title of the book, but it was dark, with a bit of slasher red on it and half of a human face.   I preferred to not bother her at that point by asking what she was reading (since I prefer to not be bothered while I’m reading).   Instead I waited until dinner to find out what she was reading and that’s when she told me Vampire Diaries.   Immediately my face lit up.   I couldn’t believe that I had met someone that was actually reading the books.  So I asked her if she watches the television show, to which she responded “Yes!”  Her enthusiasm mimicked mine, so to say that I was excited about finding a fellow Vamp D. fan is a gross understatement.   

At this point, I had already seen the season finale of Vamp D. and was completely blown away by it.   I couldn’t believe what happened and I could hardly wait for the new season.   Excited as I was to have found someone else that watched the show, I immediately asked her what she thought of the finale, when she completely lets the air out of my balloon of excitement.   She said that she hadn’t seen it yet.   Due to the packing for the cruise and getting things together she didn’t have time to watch it, but to rest assure she has it Tivo’d and will watch as soon as she gets home from the cruise.   So, I spent the next several days after that painfully biting my tongue, anxious to discuss the show, but not wanting to give away the ending.   I really needed to hear what she thought.

Aletha and I exchanged emails and the following week she watched the finale.   Instead of receiving an email with a subject of OMG, it was OMK (Oh My Katherine).   Immediately she and I began to dissect the finale.  For instance, Damon knew something was off about his kiss with Elena/Katherine.   When she walked inside, he touched his lips and his brows furrowed.    To me it seemed like he was experiencing a case of deja-vu, but he couldn’t quite place it.  He knew something wasn’t quite right with that kiss, which led me to the next question.   Can’t vampires distinguish between their race and human race?  

So, upon creating this blog, I have been keeping track of as many interviews, insights and sneak peeks on the upcoming Season Premiere, which led me to this interview at Comic-Con.   http://hollywoodcrush.mtv.com/2010/07/28/vampire-diaries-season-2-katherine-elena/

Will Elena and Katherine come face to face and what will become of it?   I have my thoughts as to what should happen.   And obviously, Ian Somerhalder (Damon) has his as well.   Read the above interview and enjoy.  Until next time!


I created this blog as a way to engage with viewers of the CW hit, Vampire Diairies.   The show originally debuted in September of 2009.   Pre-series reports from critics (who listens to them anyways) indicated that the show would be a flop and the CW would be forced to find a replacement for the Thursday, 8 o’clock time slot.  Not so, my fellow watchers!   The show has developed a faithful following of epidemic proportions, thanks in no small part to the influx of new Vampire books, movies, and television shows.   Before Twilight, True Blood, and Vampire Diairies, so many of us lovers of the blood drinking undead were left with nothing more than Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which by the way was fabulous in its day, but struggled to retain viewership in its last couple of years.   Society has always been fascinated with vampires….the mysterious movings, romantic notions, and old world meets modern age style.   We love to love Vampires.   With us now only 7 weeks away from the season premiere of Vampire Diairies (thank you CW for renewing), I would like to offer a blog to discuss and break apart, basically a post mortem of sorts, each show.   This blog is for all things Vampire Diaries.   Here’s hoping the show is around for years and years of enjoyment.