Brave New World

A lot of effort usually goes into choosing a name. Whether it be for your child, your car, the latest book your writing or piece of art you’re creating. A name is the first thing that people encounter and it can say a lot. Well, the CW has released the name of Season 2 of the Vampire Diaries….Brave New World. It seems simple enough, no big words, no words of irony, just three easy words that couldn’t better convey how season 2 will really play out.

In Season 1, we were introduced to vampires and witches, which left us to wonder what else could possibly be out there? Well, spoilers all summer (and those of us who have read the books) show that there’s also werewolves that will be interspersed with the normal day-to-day crowd at Mystic Falls (I always thought that was a fitting name, given the fact that so many mystical beasts exist in this one small town.

I’m anxious to see Season 2. I’m eagerly anticipating the arrival of new and exciting storylines, of seeing how much havoc Katherine is really going to bring down on the lives of those living in this quaint little town. Only 11 more days! And don’t forget Season 1 comes out on DVD and BluRay tomorrow, August 31st.


Who’s the sexiest beast? That’s right…it’s Damon Salvatore

A lot you Twihards out there are going to be sorely disappointed when you find out the results, especially considering the fact that Damon won by a small margin….50.7% to Edward’s 49.3%.

Twihards are shaking their heads and wondering just how is it possible for Damon to beat Edward. Well, let me do a breakdown for you from my own perspective, one that I’m sure will insight a little bit of animosity from a few of my readers. So, what makes Damon the sexiest beast? I think he said it best in Episode 4, “Family Ties”. Damon is lying across Caroline’s bed, a copy of Twilight in his hand and he asks:

“What’s so special about this Bella girl? Edward’s so whipped!”

I must admit, I immediately fell in love with the Edward character of the Twilight series. His way with words made me swoon, made me long for the romance. He said things no normal male would ever say to a female, doesn’t mean men don’t necesarrily think the words that Edwards spills out so eloquently to Bella, but they’re just least likely to say it. When Rob Pattinson was cast as Edward in the movie, it was perfect, almost as if the storm had moved, the clouds parted and the beautiful, warming rays of the sun bursting through like salvation. He was Edward, is Edward, and is extremely hot!

Perhaps it’s the fact that Damon needs to be saved, he’s damaged, but not irreparably, that makes him sexy. I know for me he’s dark hair and blue eyes, his little smirks, the way he swaggers into a room, the way he “pretends” to not care but actually does fight for Elena (remember when he told Jeremy to cut her some slack?) that makes him so sexy to me. He’s the ultimate bad boy and women love that. And he may love to play a tough game of “I have no humanity”, but we all know better than that.

I don’t think I want Damon and Elena together, because I’m afraid that he’ll lose his sexiness. I’m afraid that he’ll become whipped like his brother and Edward. I think it’s the appeal of him being available, but unattainable that makes him sexy. We always want what we can’t have. And he’s a look, but don’t touch sort of guy, one that’s easy on the eyes and well worth the crown of Sexiest Beast!

So, check out Damon tonight on Vampire Diaires as well as this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. You won’t be disappointed, unless you’re a part of Team Edward that is.

2 more weeks until Season 2!!!!!

Jeremy, oh whiney Jeremy

I’ve blogged about my feelings for Jeremy in the past, and as you’re all well aware, I’m not a big fan. I believe my words in the past have been that his character is expendable, and I don’t really think I’m going to stray too much from that this season either. I read up on an interview where Steven R. McQueen foretold of some of the challenges that Jeremy will encounter this season and I must say, I don’t think I’m going to like him too much.

Jeremy is the type of person who seems to use his past heartaches and hurts as his crutch, of course that could be subconsciously, but he still uses it as an excuse for acting the way he does. He almost wants to be miserable all the time. In this interview (link below), Steven talks about a fist fight between Elena and Jeremy on the first episode of Season 2, I hope Elena really gives it to him, maybe she can knock that chip off his shoulder. What I find interesting is that apparently Jeremy has been pushed around a lot. Really? I can’t believe that’s the excuse being used for his selfishness. Elena lied to him, but it’s not as if she did and has since been parading around town bragging about having her boyfriend’s brother erase Jeremy’s memory of Vickie’s death. Elena hated doing that to Jeremy, and he knows this. You can’t make me believe otherwise, but instead he prefers to let her suffer even further. He needs to grow up and stop thinking about himself all the time. I genuinely hope that Elena kicks his butt in the first episode.

Also, Jeremy is going to become emotionally distant. Was he not already emotionally distant? According to Steven and most everyone else, Jeremy wore his emotions on his sleeve. I can and could see that to a certain extent, but the boy was already distant and he did it to himself. He’s close enough to the age where he should be taking responsibility for his own emotions and stop guilting other people into the reason he feels like such a loser. Dude, you’re not a loser, but you are making yourself into one. Snap out of it!

I know Jeremy has a pretty strong fan base out there, so don’t worry he’s not going anywhere, but be prepared for a much more cold and calculated Jeremy. No longer is he going to be a pushover. Either way, I still stick with my original statement…….expendable!

Link to the interview:

New Book Trilogy

When I started this blog, I don’t think I ever really specified if it would be all about the television show or the books. For the most part, it’s pretty much revolved around the television show just because I find that I enjoy it much more. The books were originally written in the early 90s and of course they were/are written and marketed to the YA (young adult) genre. They were written during the time of the ever popular vampire movie (that I believe pretty much reinvented the vampire craze) Interview with the Vampire. Styles in clothing, technology, music, books, and movies was drastically different than what they are now. And that can be seen in the books, which for me is difficult reading them over a decade later. The books aren’t written for you to “travel back in time” like Interview with the Vampire, but they’re meant for you to feel like everything that is occurring is not in the 20th century, but the 21st century. I think the writing style has changed with the years and thanks to The Vampire Diaries hit show on the CW as well as Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight, Vampires are awesome. The supernatural and mystic forces are awesome. Magic is fun and exciting and forbiddenly devilish. It’s all become mainstream entertainment. The bad or good, depending upon the perspective you take, is that the books and the show don’t follow each other. They share the same name, the same basic premise, the same basic characters, with the same basic traits, they’re basically sisters with perhaps the same mother, but different father.

I blogged earlier in the week about a new series of books coming out, a prequel to the television show called Stefan’s Diaries. It’s a collaboration of the great writing minds of L.J. Smith, Kevin Williamson, and Julie Plec. It’s not a prequel to the books that spawned this totally awesome televison show. Which makes me wonder if it’s at all possible for L.J. Smith to write a prequel to her books. I suppose the thought has crossed her mind, but right now she’s focusing on a new trilogy involving our beloved gang of Vampires, angels, witches, and werewolves.

This morning, while my husband played golf at this amazingly wonderful beach resort we’re staying in, I decided to take some time and get caught up on my blogging, on all of my Vampire Diaires backlog of events, happenings, new stories, exciting pictures and interviews and that’s when I stumbled (well not really) across L.J. Smith’s blog about her as yet unnamed new trilogy.

L.J. talks about her choices for the names, but her agent is more concerned with her creation of a name for the entire arc, not just the individual books. My personal opinion, go with the individual book names and then find a common denominator somewhere within those three and give the arc a name. Then again, I’m not exactly a published writer. I’m a virgin to the writing/publishing/editing world. What do I know?

Anyways, back to the exciting news at hand, especially for those of you who have read the books (currently I’m on The Return: Shadow Souls), is that 3 more will be coming soon. These three will revolve around the gang starting college at Dalcrest (which I can’t find anywhere that this is an actual real world college. Perhaps it’s like a Hogwarts of sort?) and finding themselves playing the roles of spirit hunters or serial killer hunters. The little catch, at least from my understanding, is that these serial killers may possible hold mystical powers, so we’re not talking about modern day bounty hunting such as Dog the Bounty Hunter.

I don’t know exactly how Damon will fit into this grand plan of writing, considering the fact that in both the books and the television show he isn’t in high school. I suppose he could enroll as a grad student with a major in hematology. Wouldn’t that work well for him and all of his dastardly deeds.

So, tell me….are you guys excited about this new set of books on its way? Any ideas as to what you would name the three? By the way, L.J. is toying with the following names: Phantom, Everysong, and Eternity. Not too thrilling.

And by the way, less than 3 weeks from Season 2!

Year of the Kat?

I must admit, I LOVE the new trailer for Season 2 of the Vampire Diaries, especially the little tag line…..It’s the year of the Kat! Nice worK!

Unfortunately, today while I was at work I stumbled across the latest trailer, and while I was able to actually watch the thrills and chills, I couldn’t exactly here what was being said. I forwarded the link over to Jessica and she was stoked, so I knew the second I got home I had to watch it with the sound. I definitely was not disappointed! As a matter of fact, if anything is going to drain the blood out of this little party, it’s the fact that we still have 3 more weeks before the season premiere!!!!! That’s crazy, right?

Well, the link is below. Please take a moment to visit the site and watch the preview over and over and over and over again. And oh yeah, by the way, apparently Uncle/Papa John isn’t quite dead yet after all. People do survive stabs in the gut on a regular basis, don’t they?



Alright, so I’m a huge fan of Twilight as well, and I’ll be the first to admit that I swoon when Edward Cullen pops up on screen. His glittery beauty makes even me want to tilt my head back and let him have a little drink of my blood. Just kidding, but he is indeed quite the sexy beast. However, I have to throw a lot of support behind Damon. For me, there’s just something about those blue eyes, like seas of crystals rocking me to sleep, and that dark hair (my personal preference….I’ve never dated a blonde or redhead.) When he smiles, even on the times when it’s more of a mocking menace, as opposed to a genuine smile of friendship, happiness (well I suppose his torturing others brings him happiness) and caring, I still find my heart puttering just a little bit faster.

So, please let’s show this Edward Cullen that there’s a new vampire around and vote for Damon. The link is below:

What was life like before Elena?

I stumbled across some extremely exciting news. It’s not completely new, but it’s official and cover art has been designed. Yippee!

Ever wonder what life was like for Stefan and Damon before Elena? Sure, we’ve all seen the flashbacks, bits and pieces, but with empty slots in the machine, things that need to be filled in. What exactly went on for the two of them during the time between becoming a vampire and meeting Elena? Well, you need not fret any longer, because Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, along with the mastermind behind The Vampire Diaires, L.J. Smith herself, have written a prequel to the television show. Note I said “television show”. The first book is scheduled for release on November 2nd of this year and it is titled Stefan’s Diaires, Volume 1: Origins. Basically the book is written from Stefan’s perspective and written as a true diary, so it’s in first person point of view.

Volume 1: Origins discussing how the Salvatore brothers became vampires, and the start of the original triangle of Stefan, Damon, and Katherine. It tells of Stefan’s guilt over making his brother become a vampire, his love for Katherine, and the fight to save his own humanity. We will see how Damon’s love for Kathering, his guilt for letting her get “buried” in the tomb, and his fight to prevent his own humanity. I have to admit I’m extremely excited to read this book, and there are two more to follow, Volume 2: Bloodlust to be released on January 4th, 2011 and Volume 3: The Craving to be released on March 15th, 2011. I’ve already read a brief synopsis on the two of these as well and if any of you are interested in reading up on it more you can visit HarperTeen’s website below:

It is available for preorder on the HarperTeen’s website or at Amazon. Plus if you have a Kindle (love my little friend) is available for preorder download there as well. Looks to be pretty fab!

And remember I said it’s pre-Elena based on the television series and NOT the book. For those of you who have read the book, you know the differences I’m speaking of.

So take a bite of this book. It’s sure to be a best seller!