Visibility on Memory Lane is pretty minimal

I have to say that I have been looking forward to this episode for an entire week! Saying that doesn’t seem to do it just, it seems so minimal, like it doesn’t have enough oompf! So, how about this? I’ve been looking forward to this episode for 10,080 minutes.

Memory Lane was dubbed as a history into Katherine. Funny thing, it’s from Katherine’s perspective and being the compulsive liar that she is only means that while her “memories” were entertaining they weren’t exactly true. I don’t believe her version, the story seems too convenient and very well rehearsed. Katherine was almost too eager to tell her story, which means she’s playing her games. I’m not even sure how much her last memory was real. She may have spent over a century convincing herself that this is how things played out. Tell yourself something enough times and your mind can believe that its true.

And of course she’s managed to draw Caroline into those games. Caroline’s first seeds of doubt in Elena’s mind and heart was just the beginning. There is a part of me that wants to be angry with Caroline, but I can understand her fear of Katherine. Honestly, I originally thought it was more of Caroline being compelled by Katherine. I couldn’t imagine that she would ever back down from someone, to let her fear control her, but I was wrong and I can’t fault her since I’ve never been in her shoes.

I’ll have to watch the show again and I’m sure I’ll find other things to bring out. For the most part, the episode was good, it wasn’t a let down and my insatiable desire for back story was definitely quelched. Damon’s one liners were spot on and I couldn’t help but laugh over his conversation with Mason.
Mason: I’ve heard great things about you.
Damon: Really? Because I’m a dick.

Modesty and humility all wrapped into a yummy package. Gotta love it.

But I still want more where Katherine is concerned. Why did she chose Mystic Falls originally? Why there of all places? What drew her there in 1864? And what made her into the demon she is today? The fog was thick on Memory Lane, but I guess that helps to entice us for the next episode.

What did you guys think?


Does Katherine = Suave Stefan or Pathetic Puppy?

In a previous post, I noted that Stefan was a bantering badass.  He is confidence personified; just oozes it when he walks.  After watching the short video HotMsD uploaded for this week’s episode, I am a little nervous that our self-assured, playful Stefan won’t live up to his suave assuredness.  Anyone else?  I’m now doubting if he can take on Katherine, especially when she delivers a line that she would and could break Elena’s neck!  The quick flash to Stefan’s face when she said that showed his weakness.  Is he really strong enough to end her?  It’s obvious he wants to because it would protect Elena, but can he really do it?  Can he kill Katherine even if she doesn’t physically harm Elena?  He killed Vicky because she was about to kill Elena.  But, if Katherine is just being Katherine, will Stefan’s conscious get the better of him and he’ll just put up with her? 

For the sake of this season, I hope he just puts up with her because she is quite the wrench!  Stefan playing Katherine’s game is sexy and different from his usual behavior.  Damon dealing with his Katherine/Elena demons is interesting.  Caroline possibly getting seduced to the dark side by Katherine is fascinating.  Bonnie … well … whatever (I’m not a fan at the moment and won’t bother, except that I suspect a dark act by Katherine will snap Bonnie out of her stupidity).  So, all around, what a great addition to the season!

Back to the Stefan-Katherine interaction for episode 4.  Can Stefan continue to pull off his so-called game by playing with Katherine?  Or, is Katherine still a few steps ahead and he’s playing right into her web?

Just who are you, Katherine?

Since the start of The Vampire Diaries, we have been teased with the blood drinking nympho Katherine Pierce. What a beautiful young girl she was, with a deadly secret and manipulative little game. She was beautiful and had a vexing way about her especially where men were concerned. As the episodes progressed, we began to find out more and more about her. With each little tease, i found myself becoming attracted to Katherine, not with a romantic notion, but more of an inquisitive nature. Who was this girl? How did she become who she was and just what made her into who she became, and I don’t just mean the vampire end.

This week’s episode gives us a glimpse into who she really is, where she came from, and why she has chosen now to come back? I’ve managed to catch a few previews of what’s in store and I must say, excitement is the name of the game for me. My inquisitive nature has taken control and I’m practically salivating over the previews from Thursday night’s episode. The aptly titled Memory Lane, proves to take us on a stroll throughout the different crossroads of the early life of the infamous Katherine Pierce. Is it too much to hope for a little peek into the exploits of Katerina Petrova? I can always hope, right. In the meantime, enjoy a little preview of Thursday night’s episode.

New Opportunity

Fortunately for me, my love for all things vampire has transpired into an opportunity outside of my current realm. Last weekend, I found a posting for contributors needed for Portrait Magazine, an online popculture magazine with a huge following not only here, but also in the UK and Australia. Specifically, the editors were looking for someone to help add a little more 411 to a current blog devoted to none other than The Vampire Diaires. Naturally, I didn’t balk at this chance to not only share my passion and fascination (not to mention addiction) with so many other fans. I completed the necessary steps, submitted my writing samples, and directed the editors and powers that be to this blog. Apparently, there was something nestled within the words that screamed out “give her the chance, let HotMsD add a little more sex, blood, and lust (well maybe not all of the above) to your burgeoning blog. By Sunday evening, I was informed that they needed someone to help out with the Caroline Forbes section of the blog. At first, I was a bit apprehensive if for no other reason than the fact that I wasn’t a huge fan of Caroline. Her narcissism and neurotic behavior could be a bit overwhelming at times, and I know many of you agree with me. She reminded me of all those girls in high school that I couldn’t stand which I suppose is why I didn’t have that many friends (shouldn’t be discussed here). Since I have been given this chance to prove that my writing chops are better than just par, I’ve found out a lot about Caroline through various interviews. With the most recent interview, I wanted to focus on a certain aspect of the Bad Moon Rising episode.

Last night, I experienced a lot of frustrations with Bonnie, as noted in my previous blog. Her self-righteous attitude is becoming quite bothersome and even nauseating at times. I find myself wanting to reach through the televison screen and forcefully shake some sense into her, while other times her attitude illicits nothing more than a roll of the eyes from me. After all, you can’t fix everything.

Today, I came across an interview with Candice Accola, the character who plays Caroline Forbes. The question was asked how would Caroline’s transformation transform her relationship with Bonnie. Candice was quick to remind us all that in Season 1, Caroline was not supportive of Bonnie, who she was, where she came from, what her powers were. She dismissed it because to quote her worrds, she didn’t believe in all that stuff. Caroline was not the friend that Bonnie needed at that point, so how could Caroline possibly expect the same level of support from Bonnie? In a perfect world, you forgive and forget, let bygones be bygones, but where’s the fun and drama in that, right?

There’s been the question of whether Bonnie is harboring any guilt over the fact that she’s the one that encouraged Damon to give Caroline his blood. I have to agree with that. I think she has that guilt, and I don’t think it’s so far down that she can’t feel it daily, especially when she sees what Caroline has become. Perhaps, that guilt surfaces to unbearable proportions, bobbing around in the waters of her conscience, when Bonnie sees Caroline’s face, hence the reason for not wanting to help her. It’s the wrong approach to take and we all know that, but hurt, guilt, pain they’re all strong emotions with harmful repercussions.

I’ve fallen in love with Caroline’s character and I find myself rooting for her. The highlights I have seen for the coming weeks scare me especially since at any point the demise of her character could come to fruition (Julie and Kevin are staying pretty mum on this). I’m excited for my chance to report more on Candice Accola for Portrait Magazine as well. I hope you all get the opportunity to visit their website. I’ll post a link to the side. And if you’re not a Caroline Forbes lover, then you’ll hopefully become one with the new influx of information I’ll be posting/blogging about.

I think Caroline becoming a vampire offers Candice an excellent opportunity to display just how talented she really is. It’s offering me the opportunity to blog about her and Candice and it’s offering Bonnie the opportunity to look outside reality for a moment and be the better person, not what’s expected or what she think is expected, but to be the person with a heart, the witch to break away from the norm, to be the exception to the rule.

Until next time……

Goodbye Glenda

Was it opposite day on Vamp-D tonight?  Damon humbled himself by apologizing to Elena, while ever-forgiving Elena was the one being manipulative and stabbed Damon in the back.  Bonnie, who last season always protected her friends, even against her witchly instincts, is now endangering them and turning her back in their greatest time of need.  This episode had me loving I-Look-Like-I-don’t-Care-When-Really-I-Do-Damon and hating Bonnie-The-Super-Witch just a little bit more.  As this seems to be my motto for the season, I really didn’t see that coming.  I didn’t think I would ever be on Team Damon, but his last remarks to Elena really shook me.  I just couldn’t believe Elena was capable of using Damon.  Interesting what spite…hate…revenge…death… can do to a girl.

With that being said, my focus this week is on Bonnie.  Bonnie’s a witch, and I don’t mean the Glenda kind.  I don’t know what she spent her summer doing, but it had to be witch-crack.  I’m not happy that the writers beefed-up Bonnie’s witch powers so quickly without an explanation (unless that is coming later) because it is too convenient.  In the books, it took Bonnie awhile to learn her skills, but from what I have read so far, she never forgot her friends.  Bonnie needs a quick Shakabuku SmackDown!  I was shocked that she would treat Caroline that way.  One would think Bonnie would do everything she could to help Caroline maintain her humanity.  But, Bonnie has become the new be-all end-all to what is right and wrong in the world.  Being too Left or Right never panned out well for anyone in TV town, so it should be interesting to see what happens to Bonnie if her righteousness doesn’t simmer down.  Is it wrong of me for wanting that to happen sooner rather than later all because she was mean to Caroline?  I must have developed a soft spot for the crazy ditzy blonde girl this season because I feel very protective of her.  Yep, channeling Stefan this episode.  Is it wrong of me to think that even though Caroline is a vampire and allegedly has no soul, that she is still good and Bonnie is being the soulless one? 

Caroline is the one that is struggling and needs all the help she can get.  Does a friend in need take precedence over one’s hatred of a species for killing your kin?  (Reference to Bonnie’s Gran dying last season after spending all of her energy to help the Salvatore brothers with the tomb.)  I believe this is where all of Bonnie’s righteous behavior is coming from.  It’ll end up tearing her apart and will be her crux this season.  Question is, will the writer’s explore this?  Do you think I am mistaken in this assumption?

Finally, was anyone else waiting for Bonnie to make an appearance at the end of the episode and torture Caroline?  Once she bit Matt, I was just waiting for Bonnie to come marching in and light her on fire!  In the last scene, I thought it was Bonnie standing over Caroline until Katherine was reveled.  And now I am a little worried that Caroline, in her weakened state from doing the right thing by letting Matt go, will be ready to embrace the dark that is Katherine.

Do, Do, Do…There’s A Bad Moon on the Rise

How fitting is it that tonight there is a full moon?

So, I’m doing something I don’t normally do….writing my blog while TVD is on.

Where shall I start? I think Bonnie is the ticket tonight. How can she possibly be so narrow minded now? She’s taking her witch lineage much too far. Things aren’t as lucid as she’d like for them to be or the way her mind is telling her they are. She’s not being fair to Caroline. Caroline didn’t choose the hand she was dealt. She’s making an honest effort to maintain her humanity, to remember who she is, to suffer and have feelings the way she did as a human. For the most part, her personality hasn’t changed much. She’s the same friend that Bonnie has always known, but because she’s a vampire, Bonnie is making the conscious effort to torment Caroline. It’s shallow, petty, and selfish. Bonnie’s obsession with who she is and where she came from is going to cost her everything in her life and perhaps she deserves that.

As for Caroline, her narcissism has most definitely amplified, but as exampled at the end when she put Matt above herself, she still cares for others and does not want to be the one for their pain and suffering. I really thought it was her drama queen personality overtaking who she wanted to be when she forced Matt to dump her. Bravo, Caroline, you are a smart lass after all. I’m just worried about how Katherine will toy with her. While Caroline has shown her ability to be a lot stronger than we’ve given her credit for (I mean, after all, she did a pretty good job of playing the damsel in distress, even inadvertently, in the first season), she’s hurting and as Stefan said, that will make her more emotional. And when emotions are raging, logical reasoning usually exits.

I was excited to see Alaric back. I have so missed him, although I must admit, I’m not a big fan of his longer locks. And Jenna was smart. She played the bigger person and it served her well in the end. I would be lying if I said I didn’t do a mini fistpump, a “yay” and clapping when Alaric saltzed back in and kissed her. His whole, “I should have done that this morning” spiel was perfect. Jenna deserves some happiness and so does Alaric. Glad to see he’s moving on from Isobel.

As for Mason and Tyler, can’t wait to see how this story continues to play out. Is it wrong that my mind went into dirty thoughts at seeing Uncle Mason bare chested and in chains? This show is definitley not lacking in the beautiful bodies department, much like it’s not lacking in the one liner witty banter.

What did you guys think? We’re 3 episodes in and I can honestly say sophomore year jitters (to use my friend Susie’s words) have definitely been quelched. I’m anxious to hear what you guys liked and disliked about this episode.


So, this post isn’t directly related to The Vampire Diaries, but in my effort to be a lot more socially, as well as environmentally conscious I feel that it is important to emphasize that the cast are not just the faces seen on television. They are not just the characters on the show. These folks are like you and me, impacted by events surrounding us and extremely vocal and passionate about causes that effect everyday people like you and me.

Today, Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore for those of you completely in the dark) was in Washington, D.C. for a Washington Post energy panel, entitled Energy is Urgent. Ian was born and raised in Covington, La. So he sees the first hand effects of the gulf oil spill and it’s impact on wildlife, jobs, the economy, and lives in general. His own cousin worked on the Deep Horizon rig before it exploded.

Originally, I must admit I had a bit of apprehension to watching the forum today. It seems like celebrities pick their causes to support much like they pick the paint colors for their walls. How much do they actually know about the paint? Usually not a lot, but they like how the color looks, how their personality is reflected in its hues. For the most part it’s usually pretty superficial. If you quiz the Hollywood elite on their movement of choice, the majority of them are unable to discuss intelligently what they are supporting or how it impacts people. Ian isn’t that type of Hollywood elite.

I would like to encourage all of you to take a couple of moments and go to this site. You can learn more about energy and the green initiatives and perhaps gain a better understanding to ways you can help not just ourselves, but also generations to come.

Kudos to Ian for actually knowing his stuff!