Masquerade….noun or verb?

This week’s episode is entitled “Masquerade”. The word itself holds a lot of irony and symbolism for the series thus far, so I’m excited and thrilled for this week’s episode.

Once again, I have done a little digging and managed to find out a bit of scoop on what to expect in this week’s episode.

When we left last week, Aunt Jenna had managed to put herself in the hospital thanks to the vengeful compelling of Katherine. Thanks to this little underhandedness via the Kitty Kat herself, Elena will not be as visible on the Lockwood’s annual ball. Elena has decided that she needs to step back and add just a little bit more oomph into her already unselfish persona. Stefan is her love, but much like Caroline has realized, Elena can’t always have what she wants. Right now, her focus needs to be on Jenna and protecting her family, not her love for Stefan. Which we all pretty much know he’s not going anywhere anyways. We’ve seen his love and which one of you out there can honestly tell me you weren’t moved by his emotional plea and heartbreak when Elena ended it with him. For vampire’s sake, Damon even came to the aid of his brother, knowing how painful it would be to lose his love. So, now that Elena has decided to exit Stefan’s life, Katherine can move in with the continuation of her diabolical plans. Katherine will use this opportunity to portray herself as Elena. Question is will the Salvatore brothers know it’s not Elena? I think they might be fooled for a split second, but not for long. And here’s the fun part…..Katherine is going to rip the masks off of Stefan and Damon (metaphorically speaking of course, because what does it do to rip the physical mask off? Um, nothing!).

I’m excited for tomorrow night’s episode and can’t wait to see how the semantics of “masquerade” will play into the episode.


Damon, You’re Not as Bright as I Thought You Were

There are so many great things about tonight’s episode, one of which was NOT Damon. You’ve all read about my obsession with Damon, how mesmerizing he can be when he swaggers into a room, how I can get drunk staring into his beautiful blue eyes while the smirk that splays across his face after every witty one liner can make me swoon. Oh yeah, baby, I just used the term swoon. 🙂 Tonight, Damon’s sex appeal in my eyes just felt a few more notches on the totem pole.

He’s so eager to cause pain, so eager to have his way, so eager to prove to Elena that he can be the cowboy riding in on the white horse, that he has a complete disregard to basic common sense. I suppose he was never born with that filter in the head that pushes out the bad actions before encouraging his body to act upon the impulses. Damon gets an idea in his head and he immediately by-passes all rational thoughts or logical reasoning to get to the end result. It’s almost a caveman approach to dealing with reality, which I suppose is a side effect of his vampiric notions. Who knows? Either way, how could he not have thought that if you shake a hornet’s nest, the hornets will not be angry? It’s common science, it’s a part of animal nature, it’s a part of the neurons embedded within our brains. Katherine is already I step over the instability line, so why not continue to push her even further? How stupid could he be? And by the way, Damon has proven that he can take the crazy, psychotic maniac approach to a whole new level. How about seeing so much white in his eyes while he was choking Jeremy? He literally looked like the monster he was mimicking. A bit too creepy for me.

So, I started the title of this blog about Damon, but in no way do I have any intention of keeping in this way. A few things I was extremely excited about:
1. Bonnie is back, and she’s being somewhat helpful, getting over herself. My one issue…..when is someone going to remind her that SHE is the one that wanted to give Caroline Damon’s blood? Hello? Reality?
2. Matt was back, granted it was small and really I didn’t see any true point in having him in this episode except to lead up to one of the spoilers I blogged about earlier in the week……remember? A popular character will die, no chance to come back to life, and Tyler will trigger the curse before Christmas. Only thing…..Kevin Williamson discussed bringing in Matt’s dad at some point. If he’s going to be killed off, then where is the need for his dad to return.
3. I am so looking up the music in tonight’s episode. It was by far some of the best I have heard on this show. Each song was prominently displayed at the most crucial scenes and played so well into the drama and action, encouraging the emotions.
4. Yay for Caroline and her mom. I was nearly in tears when Caroline compelled her mom to forget everything. A part of my heart broke for her. What a shame to finally have the relationship, the one she’s been so hungry for for years, and then she can’t keep it. I was proud of Caroline, but ached for her as well. After all, this wasn’t a life she chose.

So, Katherine is definitely living up to the standards she has set for herself. Nina Dobrev is really rocking it as both Katherine and Elena. I hate to say it, though, but I love Katherine. She’s evil, I can’t condone what she’s doing, but damn if she’s not intriguing and entertaining. I can’t wait for next week’s episode, Masquerade.

By the way, watching Stefan suffer through Elena leaving him was the most heart wrenching and emotional thing I have ever seen. I’m so glad he’s come into his own this season. His love for Elena is so breathtaking. I can’t get enough of him this season.

Ok, so what did you guys think? As you all know, I’m going to watch the episode again this weekend. I know there will be more that I’ll find to stimulate a conversation with you guys.

See ya!

Plan B….what happened to Plan A?

Well, we survived through an entire week without Vampire Diaries, well a new episode at least. Now, we’re back on track for this week and if you took a moment to read my spoiler blog (previous to this one), then you’re pretty well pumped to get this season back underway!

In my tireless effort to locate more information to blog about, I came across an interview with Julie Plec executive producer of The Vampire Diaries, for those of you not clued in. Julie decided to spill a little bit more of the juice about this week’s episode. It will see the return of Bonnie, FINALLY, as the Salvatore brothers need her to help with putting an end to the reign of Katherine Pierce. Remember how I blogged earlier about the fact that we’re still going to see some pretty nasty stuff out of the Kitty Kat? Well, as if killing Caroline wasn’t enough, Ms. Pierce is going to up the torment meter just a notch this week. Do I know what she’s going to do? Not exactly. Julie is not going to divulge that, not like I really expected her to. And of course, it’s no shocker that Katherine is going to do some pretty evil stuff, I’m just so in love with her character (just because she’s entertaining and full of surprises, and is such a mystery.) that I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do next.

In the books, Katherine’s character was pretty short-lived. It was a disappointment (I read the books after watching the television show) since I figured that Season 1 of the CW’s hit seemed to focus on her being the catalyst for the torment and pain that the Salvatore brothers have been forced to suffer through for 150+ years. Now, to know that her role is more expanded on the show and Katherine has such an integral part on keeping the storyline moving, at least for the time being, I’m excited to see her every week. I’m truly saddened when I don’t see her. We went an entire first season without Katherine, except for the periodic flashbacks to help with the comprehension of the Salvatore story, and now we have her in the flesh (and apparently very fleshy since Julie hinted at a little bit of between the sheets action between Katherine and Mason, no surprise there). I just can’t imagine how she could possibly be killed off.

And what will this revelation do to Damon? What will his reaction be when he finds out that Katherine and Mason are bumping each other? I don’t think he’s going to care. I really think he’s over her. He’s done and has moved onto the next thing to occupy his mind. I see Damon offering a tumbler of scotch to Mason while sitting in front of the fire at the Salvatore boarding house, discussing their conquest, or what they think is a conquest. Sloppy seconds your style, Mason? Uh huh!

Also, we’ll jump to Caroline and her mother as well this week. As you’ll remember, Liz Forbes voluntarily agreed to stay at the Salvatore house in order to give the vervain enough time to leave her system allowing for Damon to compel her to forget her memories of him and Caroline. Well, Caroline and mommie dearest will have some much-needed and long well overdue mother – daughter bonding time. I think that when it comes down to it, Liz will not allow her memory to be erased. Caroline is a different person now, she’s trying to keep up the persona of her human life, but she’s left behind her bitchy mentality. Caroline has suffered for years and has managed to put up walls and barriers to protect herself. Becoming a vampire has helped her confidence and while she may be just as neurotic, she’s a different soul, her true soul, the one that she kept hidden for much too long. I think Liz will see this in her daughter and will want to be a part of her daughter’s life, or after life, and not allow Damon to erase her memories. Questions is will he concede defeat and allow that to happen? Will he agree with Caroline and not do what he’s best at? We’ll see.

Show starts tomorrow night at 8, be there. And remember, tomorrow night sees the return of Bonnie! Can’t wait!

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Spoilers from NY Comic Con

I’m a little late on the post, but that’s what happens when you bite off more than you can chew. Actually, I can chew it all, it just takes a bit longer to do that. You catch my drift.

This past weekend saw members of TVD in NYC for another Comic Con convention. Cast included Jeremy, Jenna, Bonnie, and Matt alone with show creator and producer, Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson. Fans were able to spend the better part of their weekend getting a little bit of 411 from the team about what to expect in the coming episodes. Before I go any further, if you enjoy surprises and don’t like teasers, then you need to keep on trucking past this blog. You won’t be happy.

So, where shall I start? I know! I know! Let’s start the vampiress herself, Katherine. I have made it pretty well known that I’m a huge fan of backstories. I want to know where people are from, why they behave in the manner that they do, what triggers their impulses and what has made them who they are at this very moment in time. Hence the reason I’m super stoked for the latest round of books told from Stefan’s point of view. Anyways, back to Katherine. Kevin and Julie informed the fans that we will indeed know where Katherine is from and how she became a vampire by November 11th, which is the episode that will mostly be flashbacks. Katherine is a very old broad, although I’m so jealous of her lack of lines under the eyes. Poo! 🙂 What we know at this point is that Katherine’s story begins (or at least the part we will be told) in 1492 in Romania. By Thanksgiving, we should know everything we need to about the illustrious Katherine Pierce or is it Petrova. Julie and Kevin have teased that if we thought Katherine was pretty diabolical now, well wait until you see her history. 21st century Katherine pales in comparison to 15th century Katherine. And wow! She’s around 600 years old?!?!? Again, jealous of the lack of wrinkles. Makes me want to give this whole vampire thing a spin.

Two characters we haven’t seen so much of lately have been Bonnie and Matt. Perhaps Bonnie has been off learning more witch maneuvers. She does seem to be taking her gifts to the extreme. Grams died, Bonnie, it’s sad, but all life comes to an end. She couldn’t live forever and you can’t keep using that as an excuse to abuse your powers. So, as for Bonnie, what’s her role going to be? What about love interests? In the books, Bonnie has a little thing for Damon, could that be in the works on the show? Highly unlikely considering the fact that she loathes the ground he walks on, but add to that a new person to enter the fold, one by the name of Luka. And Luka seems to know quite a bit about the Bennett witches, which he claims to have learned from his dad, who is a new professor at school. Is Luka’s interest in Bonnie going to be genuine or does he hold some dastardly desire to manipulate her powers? It’s not like this show is afraid of the supernatural? As Kevin Williamson jokes, maybe a sexy zombie? Haha! And while Bonnie may have a potential love interest in Luka, there’s also the interest of another character….another love triangle perhaps? The catch with this other person is that it’s a current character….which leads me to Matt. Poor chum! He’s been broken-hearted by both Elena and Caroline. Think he’s interested in going to the 3rd and final girl in the group? Could be. After all, he doesn’t exactly have too much else in his life right now. His sister is dead, Mom has left, but what about his dad? Kevin Williamson says there’s a good possibility that he’ll be introduced into the fold.

So, a few other tidbits that came out of the show….
1. one star will permanently leave the show. The character will be killed off completely, no chance of being a vampire, or having some great ring to keep them alive. This character will be dead dead dead. And from what I’ve heard it will be a popular character. Any guesses as to who? Matt and Aunt Jenna seem the most likely since they are the ones most in the dark on the whole supernatural beings, and according to Julie Plec, will continue to stay in the dark.
2. Damon will get a new love interest. One by the name of Rose who is an 500-year-old vampire. She’ll make her debut on Episode 8, aptly titled “Rose”. She’s much like Damon in that her humanity is pretty low on the scale. She has no interest in that.
3. And while we’re on Damon, Kevin Williamson is quick to caution that fans will have an extremely long wait if they’re looking for Elena and Damon to be together. Damon may eventually be able to redeem himself, but he’s constantly fighting a battle of good v. evil within himself.
4. Tyler will trigger the Lockwood curse before Christmas. So, Tyler will indeed become a werewolf, which means he’ll have to kill someone. Will that someone be the popular character that’s going to vacate this season?
5. Mason. Will he be around for the entire season? Could he be the one that Tyler kills? And then there’s the whole Katherine story. Mason knows who/what she is, but he’s in love with her. He’s not naive, but he’s truly in love with this woman. Unfortunately, that could prove deadly for him, since Katherine has no concern for anyone but herself.

Look forward to an extreme case of mistaken identity in the upcoming episode called “Masquerade”, along with a face to face confrontation between Katherine and Jeremy. It’s not clear if he knows for sure that it’s Katherine, but expect Jeremy to join forces with Damon and Alaric as they find a way to bring the evil b*tch down. It won’t be easy. Also, Lexi will be back in flashbacks. For those of you who don’t remember, Lexi was the blond vampire friends with Stefan, who Damon killed in order to continue to conceal his identity. And then there’s the off-chance that Uncle John will return.

Kevin and Julie have assured us all that there will not be a lack of storyline this season and they will have more than enough to bring them into season three. They’re already working hard on the finale and this season’s cliff hanger. And we all know they’ve proven themselves to be pretty awesome in the cliff hanger department.

Thanks to @popwrap, @tbrick2, & @Purupuru for helping to get all this information.

Don’t Worry About It

Caroline said it twice. Stefan all but said it to Damon. Liz implied it. Even Katherine told Mason not to worry. But, that was all I could do watching this episode unfurl. It didn’t surprise me that Liz let doubt sink in when Mason told her about the Salvatore brothers being vampires. I figured she would leave it alone and that Mason would take matters into his own hands. Something for me to worry about later. But, no! Liz took charge. I was surprised she would act her doubt, and by spiking the punch no less. (I think she put the Vervain in the lemonade because it Mason did it, he couldn’t be sure Liz would notice. If Liz spiked it, then she would be paying attention. Do I have that right?) So, now we have exposure. Big time worry!

Ever since Caroline was turned, you just knew it was only a matter of time before her mother found out. And, with the Salvatore brothers ousted, Caroline was the only one that could save them. But, what about mommy finding out? It didn’t take long for Caroline to make her choice and out herself to her mother. She saved her friends, but at what cost? Her mother would rather be dead than live knowing her daughter is a vampire. What will this do to Caroline in her fragile state? She’ll only be able to take so much heartache before she lets go of her humanity. More worry! (Side note: it has been bothering me for several episodes. How did Caroline get invited into her own house after she became a vampire? Did I miss it or did the show just skip over it?)

Now for the most surprising twist: Mason & Katherine. Seeing them together equals worry worry worry. Katherine caused Mason’s curse to activate by compelling his friend to attack him. With this insight into more of her past, I now think she lied about werewolf blood being hazardous to vampires because she wouldn’t be able to control Mason and would risk getting poisoned by him. This lie would keep Stefan away from Mason long enough for Mason to do Katherine’s bidding. Now, more of her plan can be put into action because she has what she wants, the Moon Stone. Can anyone honestly say don’t worry about it?

For next week, does anyone worry that compelling Liz really going to work? It seems too easy and something is going to go wrong. Besides, it’s too cheesy for them to wipe Liz’s memory each time that she finds out about Caroline or the Salvatore’s. Also, will Bonnie and Matt return to be part of the story line?

Stefan’s Diaries #2: Bloodlust

The next book in the story of Stefan Salvatore is slated for a release date of January 4th, 2011. It can be pre-ordered through Amazon.

Unfortunately, there has not been a release of any excerpts, unlike the first book. The cover design has been picked and as you can see it follows the flow of all the other books.

The storyline takes place in New Orleans after the Salvatores become vampires. I’ll update everyone as soon as anything more becomes available on this book.

Stefan’s Diaries #1: Origins

I told you all about the fact that Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec got together with L.J. Smith, the original mastermind of The Vampire Diaries, and have written a book that chronicles the life of Stefan Salvatore, as based on the television series’ version of the character. The book is slated to be released on Nov. 2nd and you can actually read a few chapters of it on Amazon’s website. The cover follows the same style and layout of the original books, with the exception of actually using Paul Wesley’s face on the cover as opposed to L.J. Smith’s vision of the physicality of Stefan Salvatore.

I’ve already pre-ordered the book for my Kindle, and I have to admit I’ve read a little bit of the writing. I’m excited about this series. Much like the rest of you, I’ve fallen in love with these characters and I can’t quite get enough to quench my thirst. I’m salivating for more information, for more stories, for more questions to be answered. I think Stefan’s Diaries will do that for all of us. The story is set against the backdrop of 1864, Civil War era Virginia. It tells the story of the Salvatore brothers and how their once unbroken bond can be shattered by a beautiful young girl who has come to town.