Stefan’s Diaries Volume I: Origins

I finished reading “Stefan’s Diaries Vol. 1: Origins” well before last week’s CW episode entitled “Katerina”, which of course was my goal. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the book considering the fact that it was written by three authors, one of which being the original brain child behind The Vampire Diaries series of books, and based off of the television series version as opposed to the original masterpiece.

First, I must say that I was pleased with the fact that certain scenes from the television series were integrated into the book. For example, when Katherine first made her appearance in her book, the authors made a beautiful note of her appearance even so much as making sure that the bonnet and dress were exactly as we had seen in the television series flashbacks. The intricate little details from her necklace to her collarbone and even her piercing eyes and mesmerizing smile were a perfect match as she stepped off the carriage outside of the Salvatore mansion. Of course, this wasn’t much of a difficult feat considering the age of technology that we now live in, with the ability to digitally record program and replay it at will.

Secondly, I seemed to have a spirit take over my body, or perhaps one to inhabit my psyche as I read through the book, which by the way only took me about 12 hours to read, as I found myself hearing and feeling Stefan’s voice being portrayed back to me. I felt his pain, his hurt for being misunderstood and feeling like his voice was not being heard. I also understood his need to do what was right and to sacrifice his own happiness for others. At first he was entrusted with the merging of two of the wealthiest and most influential families, the Salvatores and the Cartwrights, by marrying Rosayln. Once Rosalyn was killed by Katherine, Stefan then fell in love with Katherine but ended up sacrificing his own love (which really turned out to be lust) for Damon. Damon truly loves Katherine in spite of or because of her being a vampire. Damon never once seemed to question how he was going to spend the rest of his life with Katherine, nor how his feelings for her may change over the years. Stefan could not reconcile himself with an acceptable answer to that question, which is what led me to believe that he was experiencing lust and not love. If you ever have to question your feelings for someone or if they will change over time, then you are not in love and will not spend the rest of your life with that person.

Now let’s go into Katherine. I suppose I was expecting a little more from her in the book, but then again the book was told from Stefan’s perspective, so we were not entitled to read and feel Katherine’s feelings. A bit of a disappointment on my side. I expected her to be more boy crazy in the book, but for the most part she was pretty discreet, even while maintaining the indiscretion of an illicit affair with both brothers, and really who knows who else? For the most part, the book was a phenomenal success. Stefan has always reminded me of an old soul, one that I thought came to that characteristic because of his 150+ years of being on this earth. I was wrong. He was old soul even as a human. There were a few differences between the book and the television series that I noticed, as well.

In the book, Katherine was a guest of the Salvatores and lived in the carriage house behind the mansion. In the television series, that wasn’t made clear. We were led to believe that she was staying within the same house as both Damon and Stefan.
In “Memory Lane”, Katherine reminisces about the Lockwood ball that she attended with Stefan while Damon looked on. At no point in the book was that ever discussed, and while I’m on that subject, Damon appeared to be very distant in the book. It’s a possibility that he was with Katherine each time he was gone, but it appeared that every waking moment Stefan had, especially after Rosalyn’s death, he was with Katherine, leaving little chance for Damon to be around. I also expected more goading from Damon, more of his witty one liners, but I suppose those were side effects to becoming a vampire.

Also, the book did not show Katherine playing both brothers. Again, this could be blamed upon the fact that it was written from Stefan’s point of view and either he was clouded by love or compelled by Katherine. He wouldn’t see the same things the rest of us saw.

Overall, the book is a huge success, in my opinion. I can hardly wait for the second book to be released, but at least I did get a small taste of what’s to come at the end of the “Origins”. If you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend checking it out, buying it, or downloading it. You won’t be disappointed.


The Petrova Bloodline and a deadly curse

I really hate to toot my own horn. Wait! Who are we kidding? For those of you who know me, you know that’s the biggest lie to ever be told. I like to be right and I like to tell everyone when I’m right, and well, I was pretty much right. Of course, I thought that Katherine had a sister who had the baby that would carry on the Petrova line, but alas it was actually Katherine herself.
I have spent weeks waiting for this episode, salivating over the desire to know more about the manipulative, psychopathic bitch known as Katherine. I hate the woman, but as I’ve stated in the past, I love her. She’s the perfect mix, the perfect catalyst, the perfect disrupter to all things of perfect harmony. She adds the drama, the desire, the infatuation, and the storyline that we all want. My inquisitive nature wants to know what makes a person or in this case, vampire, tick. What exactly has been the trigger to push Katherine over the edge? And what we’ve found is that thanks to the fact that she was born of Petrova blood, and then Katherine was doomed from the start. I suppose that could be enough to push someone into Katherine’s mental capacity. It’s a survival of the fittest instinct to be exact and studies have shown something such as that can definitely affect a person’s psyche.
As this week’s episode continued through Katherine’s past, I found myself aching for her more and more. I was empathetic to her pain, to her fear, to need to stay alive. Katherine has been alone for well over 500 years. Granted that’s her own fault. Katherine/Katrina made choices in her life that led her down the path of solitude beginning with her pre-marital affair that produced the child that was given up. After that, thanks to the shame she brought on her family, she was banished from Bulgaria, her family no longer having the desire to be associated with her. Kat (I’m going to call her this going forward) then meandered her way into England which is what brought her face-to-face with Klaus. Kat’s actions set in motion the chain reaction that became what Elena is forced to deal with today. And I can’t help but wonder if there is some inkling of the original Kat stuck within that vessel of a body that we all know as Katherine. She had a daughter, one that she seemed to love, and one that she desperately wanted to keep. I nearly cried with her as she begged to see her daughter before she was taken away, and then I crumbled with her as she found the mutilated bodies of her family. Has she really managed to rid herself of her emotional faculties and completely disregard the fact that she was loved and had loved? How can she at least not see Elena as the daughter she birthed over 500 years ago?
Now onto Damon and his slip of intelligence, logic, or rationalization (whichever you would like to call it). Obviously, we all knew that Elijah really wasn’t dead, but the fact that Damon actually deluded himself into believing that makes me shake my head. Poor Damon, all I can is thank God he’s still beautiful. I don’t know how Damon, or even Stefan for that matter, didn’t seem to realize that Elijah was able to walk in the sun. Oh wait, Damon did realize that and he says so much to Rose and Slater this week. How has he not put two and two together and realized that there’s something magical about the lapis lazuli found within all of their rings and lockets? It’s not just the rings being “blessed” or “cursed” by witches, but it’s the actual bluish purple gem itself that holds the magical powers of healing.
I loved this episode and have found myself watching it over and over again as I desperately try to decode why exactly Luka and his father are in town. We’ve been told they’re witches, or as they prefer to be called, warlocks, but why bring them in now unless they have managed to double cross the originals and are not indebted to them? I haven’t figured it out, but considering the fact The Vampire Diaries is on a three

Is Blood Thicker Than Water?

Now who’s being the irrational one?  Do you remember when Damon called Katherine to tease her right after he ripped Mason’s heart out and Katherine majorly put him in his place when she compelled Jenna to stab herself?  Yeah, that idea backfired big time.  Now Stefan’s judgment is clouded (as is everyone’s when it comes to Elena) and he wants to call on Katherine.  It isn’t every episode where you see a roll reversal between Damon and Stefan.  These are the kinds of actions that bring out Stefan’s sexy attack mode and Damon’s best one-liners!

The overall theme from this episode hails back to the books (at least the part about the “originals” or “old ones.”  Book three if I remember correctly.  I am a bit surprised that the writers are taking from the books since they digressed from them early on.  It is nice that the writers are taking themes from the books and ripping them into new stories to fit the show’s progress.  I couldn’t be more pleased because even though I enjoyed the books (those that I have read since I haven’t finished the book series yet) and the talented L.J. Smith, I love the Show!  I honestly can’t wait to see how the Show continues to progress more than the story line that plays out in the books.  However, from what I have recognizes as being in print as compared to the small screen, the Show’s writers are taking the best of the books and transforming those story lines (big or small) into great TV.

If Katherine was a doppelganger herself and she escaped the fate of being sacrificed to break the vampire curse, is that why she is know a vampire?  Maybe you have to be human to break the curse, meaning the vampires have to wait until the next doppelganger is born to try and break the curse.  If this is true, then why is Elena 18 and not dead yet?  Don’t you think someone would have been waiting for her to be born and come for her earlier?  And for that matter, why would an immortal being want to break the curse anyway?  I know the grass is always greener… but vampires are always depicted as wanting the immortality and the bloodsucking is just a downside.  Why would those that are centuries old want to be human again to live a mere few decades to die?  What am I missing about breaking this curse?  Does it actually mean that vampires will go on existing, but they’ll be day-walkers? 

I’m starting to feel really badly for Damon.  He is just never going to get the girl, is he?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m Team Stefan all the way, but the continued rejection of Damon’s affection by anyone is heartbreaking.  Elena ran to Stefan after the fight and for a moment, Damon was crushed.  At least there were some silent thanks going on while Elena was hugging Stefan.  And, at least Damon and Stefan are being honest with each other, sharing brotherly love, car bonding, fighting on the same side, ect…  I didn’t see Stefan’s apology and confession as to why he caused Damon to turn playing out with Damon putting his feelings for Elena aside so that she could be with Stefan unimpeded.  However, does that mean Damon is leaving town?  Elena told Stefan they aren’t getting back together.  They love each other and will be tied together indefinitely, but not romantically involved.  That in and of itself is depressing.  But, Stefan told Damon they need to be united to protect her.  With his soulful confession, where does that leave Damon if he didn’t compel Elena to go back to Stefan?  Why tell her he loved her just for her forget it and have nothing change?  Maybe time heals all wounds and blood really is thicker than water.  Just maybe.

Nothing Is As It Appears

(This is going to be a long one since I have been MIA for two weeks, so be prepared).

A Masquerade Ball.  This, I like.  It keeps me guessing and intrigued throughout the entire episode.  Also, it doesn’t hurt that the witty commentary is back.  Damon stilled a bit with his one-liners (which was the essence of his character and it saddened me not to hear his comments), but the gang is all in tonight!  Even Katherine’s comments about Elena being “dull as dishwater” had me rewinding the episode just to hear her say it again. 

The Masquerade Ball is the perfect place to set everything up.  It’s public, but private in that everyone is shrouded in a cloak of mystery.  The setting is beautiful and the music dark. 

I’m channeling pessimism tonight, but obviously the Salvatore brothers are both hurt by love and are acting on revenge.  (Mind you revenge never bodes well for plans working out.)  So, of course, their plan isn’t going to work.  Bonnie is back and is being helpful, but her comment to Jeremy that she has only practiced a few spells for good makes me think she is lying.  At least she is being honest that she can’t stay out of the situation.  

A side note in reference to HotMsD.’s feelings on Jeremy: he doesn’t appear as useless as he did last season, so maybe HotMsD. won’t mind him so much.  But, I still agree with her opinion that Jeremy is a filler character.  The only reason he is so involved with the vamps is because Elena is not.  We have to have a triangle that will bring Elena into the mix to save Jeremy.  Elena is still Ms. Selfless and she’ll protect her family at all costs.  By having Jeremy play an active role with the Salvatore’s and Alaric, Elena will be forced back into the mix.

Back to the show.  I realized after the season premiere that I should just stop trying to guess what is going to happen next.  A few things are obvious, such as the Salvatore’s won’t be successful tonight as Katherine is obviously in more of the shows this season.  But, I’m not even going to try to figure out how many plans she has.  Once she killed one of Tyler’s girl-lackeys in the first 10 minutes of being at the Ball, I just sat back and started to tally all the ways she was going to thwart Damon and Stefan and hung on for the ride.  Is it wrong that I love how cold she is?  Her 180 degree personality from Elena is a breath of fresh air.  She is a pure evil killer and has the looks and talk to go with it.  I love it!  Also obvious is that Elena will show up at the Ball.  And right on cue, there she is!  I’ll wait to comment on that as it unfolds.

Did everyone love how beautiful Caroline looked (the only one in a blood-red dress) and then how sad the moment between her and Matt was when he saw her in the Foyer?  I am hoping that it is Caroline that stops Matt from triggering Tyler’s curse.  But, with HotMsD.’s tip that someone is going to die, I won’t hold my breath.  Caroline’s part in the ordeal had me wondering for a moment, but I really think she wants Katherine dead as much as the rest.  Maybe with Katherine out of the picture and her thirst getting more under control every day, she’ll go back to Matt.  If he’s still alive!

And for the most important parts of this blog (insert sarcasm here):  the Salvatore brothers really are scrumptious in their suits aren’t they?  Damon’s die hard persona tonight helps me see what HotMsD. likes about him!  His heartfelt speech to Stefan that he has his back so let’s end the woman who ruined our lives, made me like him just a little bit more.  This paired with Stefan’s suave killer-persona (albeit manic tonight from his let’s do this let’s go home swinging) has the show’s steaminess factor inched up a notch!

Maybe some things are as they appear, such as Katherine and Elena being doppelgangers.  What isn’t as apparent is the connection Katherine and Elena share, which was evident as soon as Damon shot Katherine and Elena was the one that started bleeding.  I obviously need to have the motto, “I didn’t see that coming” tattooed on me or something.  What I immediately started wondering was if this was a recent connection that Katherine’s witch friend concocted or are the women truly linked?  If they are linked, it must be by close proximity only because I am sure Katherine has been harmed at some point during Elena’s lifetime.  If it is from the witch friend, how long will the spell last and can Bonnie counteract it?  The first guess it is.  I am going to agree with Katherine that Bonnie isn’t strong enough to win the witch fight though.  (I guess I was wrong about that one as it turns out the witches were related.)

Katherine’s playful, “So how about that moonstone?” while bleeding on everything, made me chuckle.  She really is in control of everything isn’t she?  And just like that Bonnie stops Matt, but who-the-heck-knows-what-letter is put into play and Tyler ends up triggering the curse after all.  A bigger question is if Caroline accidentally killed Matt or if he is just unconscious.  And even bigger than that, will Caroline kill Tyler (maybe he’ll ask her too)?  Oh well, no killing of Tyler and Matt is ok (not that either of those things is bad, but it would have been interesting) 

What caught my breath more than Stefan’s heartfelt plea and tear-streaked face from the break-up scene in the last episode was Stefan’s realization that even though he got rid of Katherine, he didn’t get his Happily Ever After.  That made me teary.  Elena didn’t take him back and even though I think her excuse isn’t a lucid one because strength is always better in numbers, its how she feels.  It is true to her character.  She is putting others before herself.  If she went back to Stefan, than she would be doing something for herself and that just isn’t her.  I am sad though as I love those two together.  It appears as though the brothers can do some more bonding over love lost as I think Damon finally put Katherine to rest.  No pun intended.  The conviction in his voice when he vowed to protect Elena and the look on his face when he closed Katherine in the tomb rang loud and clear: he finally closed the Katherine chapters of his life and was ready to move on.

 And now for the cliffhanger of who took Elena?  As usual, I’m not even going to fancy a guess.  All I know is that it isn’t Katherine!   Overall, I loved this episode.  The snide comments, the one-liners, the seduction that is Katherine was all there. The episode made me feel better about Bonnie.  She really is torn about being in the middle and that must be why she went all witch-bitch early on this season.  It makes me not hate her as much and helps me understand her earlier behavior.  I hope that she will continue to make good decisions for the troupe that will showcase her skills, but not harm our beloved vamp boys!  (Side note, what is up with the Bonnie-Jeremy looks and flirting?  I think I liked the hate relationship with Bonnie and Damon that could steam up better than Bonnie and Jeremy.)  The Tyler werewolf conversion will be interesting.  He seemed surprised by Caroline’s offer to help.  Maybe he won’t turn to the dark side.  If he doesn’t, what fun will that be?  We need some internal enemies and not just outside bad guys that always want to hurt our beloved characters.  And finally, the sex appeal of the Salvatore brothers in their suits and the way they played with Katherine was breathtaking.  Gotta love a man in a dark suit with a crisp white shirt!  Yummy.

Recap of “Rose”

I knew it! I’m so pleased with myself. So, if you follow my blog, you’re aware that I attempted my hand at writing out a storyline for The Vampire Diaries. I was a bit unsure as to how she’s the cure for the curse, and actually I still am, but it was noted on Thursday night’s episode titled “Rose” that Elena was the key. How will Stefan handle this little piece of information? So, before I go any further, let’s delve into my weekly recap of the happenings in Mystic Falls.
Caroline continues to amaze me each week. I’ve said it before; becoming a vampire has matured her so much. She’s so much more confident of herself, and it’s had a direct impact on how she goes through life. I really wish she would stand up to Damon a bit more. She had her way with him when she first became a vampire, but since then she’s begun to waiver. I’m sure it’s the fact that he once threatened to kill her, but she can’t let that continue to hamper her abilities where Damon is concerned. I was the founding president of “Team Damon” last year, but it’s continuous arrogance and self-centered mentality has really made him into an unattractive individual. Caroline needs to smack Damon around a bit, she’s hasn’t exactly been compensated, so to speak, for everything that he put her through when using her as a human. Caroline; however, may be above that now. I can see that in the way she has been very compassionate and empathetic with Tyler.
And speaking of Tyler, I couldn’t stand the punk last year. His testosterone driven attitude was disgusting. Much like Damon now, I thought Tyler could use a good beating. This year is a completely different story. Like Caroline, I’m empathizing with his loneliness and solitude. It’s hard to have a secret that you can’t share with anyone. It’s hard to not have anyone to talk to, to suffer through guilt and pain alone. I’m seeing Tyler in a new light and I can’t wait for his story to continue to play out.
On to Bonnie and Jeremy, I don’t like it. I like both characters, and I adore their friendship. They both need it, but I don’t like the two of them together romantically. It just doesn’t fit. I really hope the writers do not continue down this road. I’m very excited that Bonnie has decided to get over herself and actually be of some assistance to those who love her and really need her. She’s finally learned to no longer hide who she really is deep down (a kind and forgiving soul) and let the true Bonnie emanate from her. As for Jeremy, I’m so glad that the writers didn’t listen to me at the end of last season when I wanted him written off the show. They’ve put a lot of love and effort into his character and have made him into someone that is reminiscent for me of days with my younger brother, days when although I was the older of the two, he was the protector of the two. Watching him with Elena at the end of Thursday night’s episode, made me long for my brother.
As for the three main characters who make up the triangle that continues to drive the storyline of the show, there was nothing all that spectacular, or even out of the ordinary for the three of them. Elena is the eternal damsel in distress, Stefan is her savior, the one who would literally die for her, and Damon is the one who can’t NOT help save her, even though he’s never going to get the girl. I have to admit that I was glad that he told Elena that he loved her and that he didn’t deserve her and Stefan did. I’m glad he did it with the vervain necklace removed. This was his one shot to get it off his chest without doing any major damage to the repair of their relationship.
“Rose” wasn’t a disappointment; none of the episodes have been disappointments. And much like “Masquerade” and the shout out to Mrs. Flowers, yeah for the writers for including the name Klaus in this episode. For those of you who’ve read the books, you’ll remember that Klaus is one of the original vampires, as a matter of fact; he is the one to turn Katherine. That’s obviously not the case with the television show, but still exciting that the writers are including him.
Next week we learn all about Katherine’s past, or should I say Katerina Petrova? I can hardly wait, plus I’ve just started reading Stefan’s diaries, which is the back-story on the original love triangle. My plan is to have it read completely before next week’s episode.

Stefan’s Diaries

It’s finally here, at least for those of us in the U.S. Stefan’s Diaries is officially for sale in the U.S. as of today. Check out a few of my previous posts to see a synopsis on the book co-authored by Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson and the queen mind behind The Vampire Diaries……L.J. Smith! If you’re in the U.K. or most anywhere overseas, then you’ve been able to purchase the book for the past week. Stinks that we’re behind and I have to admit I’m a little jealous that others have been able to read (possibly finish) the book before I’ve even had a chance to glance at it. Call it my overly competitive nature! Anyways, if you’re anxious to find out the story on Stefan, Damon and Katherine, how the whole triangle started, then high-tail it down to your local bookstore.

Be Prepared

Hello fellow Vampire Diaries fans. I like to update as many of you as possible when there will be a hiatus in the filming of The Vampire Diaries. Before I let you know when to expect the break, let’s discuss the next few weeks episodes.

When “Masquerade” ended, Elena was kidnapped by a man in what appeared to be a court jester’s mask. If you’ll remember, this same individual stole a glance of Katherine as she entered the Lockwood mansion with Lucy. So, who exactly is this court jester and what does he or she have in store for our Mystic Falls heroine? Check out “Rose” this week to see just what’s going on. I have to admit I’m a little stumped with this storyline. My theory….Elena and Katherine are indeed blood, just not exactly sure how they are related. So, here’s my version of the story:

Katherine had a sister, they shared the same mother, just not the same father. Katherine was a bit of a lunatic in her younger years, mentally unstable and malicious. She was changed into a vampire before she ever had the ability to have children. Once changed, she allowed her insatiable desire to kill take control of her. She became judge and jury for all of those who had wronged her including her mother and in the end her sister. Here’s the kicker, her sister’s blood wasn’t totally mortal blood. Katherine’s sister was the product of a mortal human and one who has supernatural blood coursing through him. Her sister had a child before she was killed, one that was hidden from Katherine for quite some time. That child’s bloodline produced Elena, who herself holds a supernatural gift, one that hasn’t exactly been tapped into, one that has stayed dormant for a while. Elena herself holds the key to changing a vampire back into a mortal. Katherine knows this and has kept Elena alive until she can find exactly how to tap into this gift for her own self-serving agenda. Here’s the problem, over the years Katherine hasn’t been as careful as she thinks. She’s let this slip on a few minor occasions and now a few others out there know about Elena’s abilities and want that gift for themselves. Hence the reason for her kidnapping. I know, it’s a bit far-fetched and I haven’t exactly worked out all the logistics and stories yet, but it’s a start.

In the meantime, check out the preview for this week’s episode. And now that you’ve read my version of the story, here’s the schedule for the next couple of week’s as posted on The CW’s website:

November 4th – Episode 2.08 “Rose”

November 11th – Episode 2.09 “Katerina”

3 Week Break for Thanksgiving

November 18th – Repeat of “Bad Moon Rising”

November 25th – Repeat of “Kill Or Be Killed”

Back for 2 episodes before Holiday Hiatus

December 2nd – Episode 2.10 “The Sacrifice”

December 9th – Episode 2.11 (tentatively scheduled, no title as of yet)

And don’t forget the last episode before Christmas will show Tyler transform into a vampire. I guess that’s the next full moon? A little odd.

I’m interested to hear what the rest of you think about the Elena/Katherine storyline. Why is Elena always in peril?