The Descent…Darkness, Damon, and Death

Finally we’ve hit 0:00 on the countdown clock and a new year, albeit not a new season, of Vampire Diaries is officially underway. I’ve tried hard to keep up with the rumors flying beforehand, catching glimpses here and there of little sneak peeks of what we were all in store for tonight.

Tonight, I have been on one of the greatest roller coaster rides in quite some time. We picked up seamlessly where we left off before Christmas with a wolf-bitten Rose still suffering through the effects of Jules’ bite. Speaking of Jules, she’s definitely one step over the line into crazy wolf-lady land. I’m not sure what exactly has happened to her in her lifetime, wolf and pre-wolf, to force her to have zero respect for humanity and those who are a part of it. Her self-driven desires are going to force her into a corner that I don’t think this caged dog will be able to fight her way out of. She’s showing her hand too quickly with Damon and her blatant using of Tyler for her own benefits it’s so nauseating I almost want to smack Tyler and tell him to wake up. Although, poor kid, what more could I possibly expect. And based upon the preview of next week’s episode, it looks like Jules has an innate ability to really get to core of a person’s feelings, to twist and manipulate them for her own benefit. I just really hope Tyler doesn’t follow down Jules’ path for too long before he begins to think for himself.

Stefan was a royal disappointment tonight. While not as heartless as Jules, he is driven by his own desires and I can’t possibly imagine how he could ever put something or someone else above Elena, which is exactly what he was doing tonight. Thanks to Stefan going off on his Defeat Klaus campaign, Elena was left alone with Rose so that Damon (who we’ve all known to have his own selfish desires) could track down Jules, throw a few laughable threats at her and then disappear off into the sunset. I have to agree with my friend, Jessica. I’ve never known for Elena to call for one of them to come home and they NOT come home.

Julie and Kevin wrote a beautifully touching episode tonight with the excruciating death of Rose. We’ve all seen Damon at his best and at his worst. He wants to convince Elena and everyone else that he has no feelings. He’s the big bad vampire. Death is death; pain is pain, and life….well it sucks. No joke, Damon, but it was nice to see his vulnerable side tonight especially as he fought to save Rose. I can honestly say that I can’t recall ever seeing Damon shed a tear and as he transported Rose into a happier place, calming her before doing the necessary, I saw a side of Damon that we’ve all been desperate to see. Perhaps it’s Elena that brings out the bad in him. Too bad Damon couldn’t save Rose, because she was a good fit for him. She had the ability to ground him and force him into his true self. Of course, I don’t think we would have seen the real Damon had it not have been for Rose’s death either.

Next week is only going to be better. Tyler knows the truth, Uncle John is back in town, and well Damon has taken a human life. And oh yeah, there’s a whole pack of wolves coming into town. I am a little worried about how Julie and Kevin can continue to write such great stories with so many individual stories to tell. They flow together so flawlessly, drawing on each other….it’s a true work of genius. So, congratulations, Julie and Kevin, for creating such an exciting episode tonight. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week.


Elijah, Klaus, the Originals and are there anymore as physically enticing as them?

I’ve often wondered about the casting process for the men of Mystic Falls. I have this vision of being in an overheated, steamy room, with martinis, Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec alongside me as we patiently await the next in a long line of talented and extremely sexy men who are eager for their shot at stardom. We purposely have the room intoxicatingly humid as it forces each potential new candidate to come in bare-chested. Ok, so maybe it really isn’t like that, but a girl can dream, can’t she?
Either way, I’m sure being devastating handsome and uber sexy ranks high on the prerequisite list for applying to the institute of Kevin and Julie and the wonderful world of Vampire Diaries. The latest new recruit is definitely not disappointing and not only does he meet the criteria of being ravishing and yummy, but his talents are not eclipsed by the shining abilities of the core players on the team.
Elijah, played by the Canadian born New Zealander Daniel Gillies definitely does not disappoint. The only problem I see is just how long this “original” is going to be around once the big bad Klaus decides to make his presence known in Mystic Falls. According to Julie Plec, the likelihood of seeing Elijah leaving anytime soon is pretty nil. He’s who Damon always wanted to be, the character and personality he thought he was in Season 1, so it’s possible that while Damon may have a hard time admitting to it, Elijah could become the mentor the older Salvatore has been unconsciously searching out.
The question we are left with is whether his true to his word. At the end of the last episode of 2010, we saw Elijah strike up a deal with Elena to keep her safe and those she loves if she would help him draw out Klaus. At this point, we are unaware of the true reason Elijah has an insatiable desire to kill Klaus. We don’t know what has occurred throughout their hundreds of years together, but whatever has happened has forced Elijah to see vengeance and revenge. The great thing about Elijah is that he appears to have the patience for the outcome.
And what about Klaus? Have Julie and Kevin become decisive with their pick of who just play the ancient Original? According to Daniel, Julie and Kevin has discussed a few possibilities, but have been quick to stipulate that Klaus can’t be old, like Ian McShane old, which by the way is who Daniel thinks she portray the dreaded vampire. A little piece of 411 that Daniel let slip, at least I believe it was a slip considering how hush hush and quiet Julie and Kevin love to keep things, is that whoever they choose to play Klaus will have to be young, after all it must be believable that he was in a relationship with Katherine. After all he did seduce her and this is where it all started. I have to admit, I really didn’t know that. I knew there was the connection between Klaus and Katherine, but not that he seduced her. Did he in love with her, even know that she was a doppelganger and could break the curse? Which came first…the love or knowing she was the doppelganger? It’s almost like the story of the chicken or the egg.
Stay tuned as Elijah continues to integrate himself more into the inner workings of the residents of Mystic Falls.

Aunt Jenna…..There’s More To Her

Recent chat rooms, blogs, and even the news media have suggested that our favorite clueless Aunt from Vampire Diaries will be getting a much bigger and even juicier storyline. That’s right, my fellow VampD followers, Aunt Jenna will start seeing more play time.
In a recent interview, Sara Canning told Entertainment Weekly that’s she not holding her breath, because she’s had this feeling before and nothing has ever become of it. Personally, I’m not sure how much longer Julie and Kevin can continue to keep her around as filler for the dead air, pun intended.
The other juicy tidbit that seems to play hand in hand with Aunt Jenna’s new and improved storyline is the fact that good ole Uncle John is coming back into town. Theories are currently whirling around on the internet about why Uncle John is returning. Some seem to think that he’s been keeping track of the current affairs of Mystic Falls for the reasons of his beloved daughter and the fact that hatred of vampires is now ingrained deep within his blood almost as if an injection of anti-vampire serum permanently altered his state of mind. I’ve always said that Uncle John was missing the synapses between neurons in his brain. He’s much too cold and calculating. Elena should be thankful that he decided to let his brother raise her as his own; otherwise she would be the good-hearted heroine we all know and love. And then the other theory is that Uncle John is summoned at the fear of Klaus coming for Elena. And who do we think decided to reach out to Uncle John? Could it be Damon?
Back to the original start of this blog…..Aunt Jenna. Perhaps I’m a conspiracy theorists or I place too much emphasis on the obvious not really being the obvious. Where am I going with this you ask? Well, shall I plant a few things in your head? First off, where is Jenna really at all day? She’s apparently at school working on her masters, but we never really see that. We never really see her studying, nor do we ever really see her being the guardian, a task betrothed upon her at the untimely (supposed) death of her sister. Aunt Jenna is more of a best friend to Elena and Jeremy. I find her too all consumed with her own life instead of sacrificing for her niece and nephew. Which is leading to me what is really her purpose? Is she a plant and does Uncle John possibly know that? I’m sure many of you may think that’s a little far out in left field, perhaps way out of the ball park, but considering the writers of this show, I would be remiss to ever think that they wouldn’t be capable of turning Jenna into something more than what meets the eye.
Remember Vampire Diaries returns with an all new season on Thursday, January 27th. Stay tuned for new updates to the site. I’m exploring another page that I’m hoping you’ll all start adding to. I’ll unveil it after next week’s episode.

What’s in a werewolf bite?

I posted a link to the preview for the return of The Vampire Diaries on January 27th. In it, we see Rose as she slowly succumbs to the poison of the werewolf bite she suffered at the mouth of Jules. Honestly, I never considered what the process was when a werewolf bit a vampire, but then again I never really thought about the long and painful transformation process that Tyler would have to endure in order to get his rite of passage (as unwanted as it may be). I suppose I should never expect anything less from the creative minds of Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, but still my mind has started turning about the various stages Rose will go through.

When I first heard of the curse of the werewolf bite to a vampire, I thought that death would be instantaneous almost like the days of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Buffy staking the vampires and they would poof away into dust. Perhaps that was very close minded of me to think along those lines. What can I say? My mind has been on overload lately…..not an excuse I’m aware.

After I saw how quickly Rose began to heal after the bite, I was with Damon….must have been an old wife’s tale about the bite being fatal. Now I can’t help but wonder how long Rose will have to suffer and how many people will have to suffer with her. The bite, the pain, and even her death will have ramifications for everyone, and you can guarantee that Damon will be out for blood. We all know he’s more than capable of ripping out a person’s heart, even a supernatural person’s heart. Will he be pushed to the same level? After all, Rose is only a friend with benefits. He doesn’t love her, she’s a substitute for the sex he needs and the female companionship that he will never admit to desiring, except to Elena and that’s only if he can compel her to forget what she’s heard.

So, back to this werewolf bite. After seeing the previews, it appears that Rose will become like a rabid animal, almost like Old Yeller himself. Do werewolves have a form of rabies? Maybe it’s vampire rabies. Rose is seen salivating and foaming at the mouth, almost becoming animal like. And if it’s vampire rabies, then will she have to be put down like Old Yeller? Well, of course she will! She can’t exactly go around killing humans and the second she threatens Elena’s life, she’ll have two vampire brothers eager to put her into the ground. It’s sad, because Rose was somewhat likable, perhaps untrustworthy, but that was because of her immense fear and paranoia after almost 500 years on the run. Living like that for so long is bound to take its toll on someone mentally.

Either way, I believe old Rose has seen her time coming. I don’t foresee her surviving for too much longer, not unless Damon can coerce out the cure from Jules, which is highly unlikely given the fact that Jules has already shown that she’s not backing down and she’s not afraid.

2011….The year of mystery, death, and curses in Mystic Falls?

With the insurgence of the Holiday season comes a time of reflection, more socializing, and a lot of repeats on television. Such is the case with our beloved Vampire Diaries. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, depending upon your perspective, the holidays have taken away my normal daily devotion of time to my numerous blogs as well as my own personal novel I am writing (and have been for 2 years now). Thankfully, I’ve managed to keep a certain degree of some of my devoted following and have even managed to capture just a few way-seekers. So, before I go into my first blog of the 2011 year, I want to thank each and every one of you for your continued reading, support, and devotion to my blog. You all have been a blessing to me and I hope to continue to entertain and educate you at least in the realm of Vampire Diaries. That being said, let’s now dive into all the juicy gossip, potential storylines, and spoilers for 2011.
Since we ended 2010 with a bite from a werewolf, why don’t we start with that story first? Jules has definitely left her mark on the vampire community of Mystic Falls. Granted that nibble was meant more for Damon instead of Rose, but her point was made. Recently, I stumbled across an interview Michaela McManus, who portrays Jules, did for Entertainment Weekly. If you’re a fan of Jules, then you can expect to see her for at least three more episodes, but what exactly does her entrance mean for both Tyler and Damon? As far as Damon is concerned, Jules has an appetitive for revenge and death. Mason held a special place in her heart and knowing that he died at the hands of Damon is only fueling her hunger for the sexy vampire’s blood. But what about Tyler? Well, Jules is anxious to take him under her wings. She feels a sense of responsibility to Tyler because of her relationship with Mason, which to this point we’re unaware of that level. Mason was bedding the fair Katherine, but did Jules know that? Jules is well aware of the centuries old feud between vampires and werewolves. She’s not overly proud of her alter ego, but utilizes her skills to protect herself and the ones she loves. If she’s anxious to become a mentor for the newly minted werewolf Tyler and if so, what does that mean for Caroline and Tyler’s friendship? I firmly believe that Caroline’s new good hearted nature is going to get her into trouble by continuing along with her friendship with Tyler.
Speaking of Caroline, the first episode of 2011 shows her getting something she has been seeking since we first laid eyes on human Caroline… men fighting over her. Caroline has desperately sought out that much needed male attention, and I’m sure if Freud were alive he would say that was because of her lack of a father figure in her life. There will be a lot of kissing especially between her and Matt and her and Tyler. What does this mean for Caroline? And can we expect something more than friendship to come out of her relationship with Stefan? Highly unlikely considering the fact that Caroline needs more male companions that are nothing more than friends. Caroline has become a completely new character once she became a vampire. Her priorities have changed, and her heart has opened for many.
But let’s jump back to the werewolf storyline and an interview Executive Product Julie Plec did with TVFanatic. Julie hints at a new darkness that will engulf Mystic Falls with the onset of a new wave of werewolves. Julie was asked about her worry of running out of storyline, but rest assured she says. There is no fear of running out of angles to take the various different characters. Instead of concerning herself over having a storyline, she states that she’s more concerned with telling the best story every week. One area Julie is unwilling to divulge any spoilers on is in regards to the werewolf storyline, and just how many of those bloodsucking killers there are. We are aware that at least one more werewolf will enter the pack and then there is always the infamous Klaus, one of The Originals and the one who is searching for Elena.
Julie was also asked about Klaus and what we can expect to see from him and WHEN we’ll actually see him. Casting is still ongoing for the role of Klaus. To date, Julie states that over a hundred people have read for the part. Nothing has been stated as to when we can expect to see Klaus. My theory is that it will be at the end of the season, as a sort of cliff hanger. I don’t think it will be like the one from last year, in which we got a little taste of Katherine. I think it will be more of a do we know if Elena has been sacrificed in order to break the curse that allows for vampires to walk in the daylight and werewolves to forever be a slave to the full moon. Julie laughs at the idea of a few followers on Twitter suggesting Alexander Skaarsgard from True Blood fame. She states that they’re looking for an original (no pun intended) and obscurity. The two most important personality traits are charisma and gravitas. Julie wants us to fear this guy. And that fear can stem from either Klaus’ physical appearance or his ability to charm us to death. I have a few possibilities for the role of Klaus, but I’m going to keep them just a little bit closer to the breast.
Remember that The Vampire Diaries will return on January 27th. I’ve posted a little hint of the next episode. I hope you enjoy it and be on the lookout for more updates this week. Thank you again to all of you.