The Unwelcome “Houseguest” is the 900 pound elephant

Wow! Katherine is absolutely evil. She is diabolical. But she is also a necessary evil. And for the first time since Katherine has made herself famous in Mystic Falls, she’s proven to be a useful ally. Nina Dobrev went over the mark with her performance tonight as both Elena and Katherine. How many of you really thought it was Katherine at the beginning who Damon was choking and then believed she had double-crossed the Salvatores and bedded Stefan earlier as Elena? Nice writing job, Kevin & Julie! Way to keep us VampD’ers on the balls of our feet. The one on one dialogue between Elena and Katherine at the end was a true work of genius. I never once thought that Katherine would actually be helpful, but I’m not too naive to know that it wasn’t a completely selfless act. She killed Jonah for her own reasons, not to help Elena, Stefan, Damon or anyone. Don’t let her heroic act fool you, kids. Katherine Pierce/Petrova is only out for herself.

What a truly phenomenal way to have Jonah and Luka locate Elijah’s body. I am in complete envy over how well these storylines are constructed. What I wouldn’t give to have just one ounce of that creativity. But I knew that it meant Luka would have to come to a tragic end. And to see the pain and suffering Jonah went through, to watch his son die and not be able to do one thing to save him, my heart truly broke. The desperation and the overwhelming emotions of loss and sadness interlaced with the guilt for putting his son in that predicament, is more than any normal human can handle. When you mix that with a human who has supernatural capabilities and vengeance, the combination was lethal. I appreciate the Martin storyline and what it brought to the mix, but I’m glad that it’s over. Because while Dr. Martin was fighting to save his children, he still lost track of the fact that he was a person who could choose to do what was right. He chose poorly and now the sins of the father rest upon the children. On the plus side of things, at least he gave Bonnie her powers back.

The enlightening part of the evening, which I’m truly thankful for amidst all of the darkness, was the fact that Candice Accola showed her other hidden talent…..a singer. For those of you unaware, Candice is and has been a singer. She had a band she performed with before Vampire Diaries, and I’m super happy that her musical shops were integrated into this storyline. And what a way to really tug at a female’s heart by having Matt jump up on stage and not only kiss Caroline, but sweep her into his arms and kiss her like the fairytales. It’s every girl’s dream to be kissed like that. It’s just such a shame that Matt had to learn the truth because I really don’t think he’s going to handle it all that well. Speaking of people handling the truth, Jenna is in the same boat.

I told you all last week that I had a feeling Isobel would come back, it was the only natural progression of things. I just didn’t think she would show herself to Jenna and how exactly is Jenna supposed to handle this? Personally, I think she’s doing a much better job than I would, but only time will tell.

We’re on a hiatus for a month now. So, we’ll have to deal with repeats and our overactive minds as to what direction the storyline is going to take us. It is my understanding that since the character of Klaus has been cast, he will appear in the April 7th episode. Don’t worry, my friends, I have no desire to leave you all for a month. I have a few ideas and even confusions I need cleared up, all of which you’ll read about in the coming weeks. Perhaps you have your own, and if so definitely follow the need to share them here.


Who will be your date to the “Dinner Party”?

Have I told you all how much I love back stories? Why, I believe I have. So, when I heard that tonight’s episode would contain another step back into the infancy of the demonic Salvatore brothers, I could hardly contain my excitement. Not to mention the fact that I knew Lexi would return and I had to see if Kevin and Julie would take liberties with their own creation, “Stefan’s Diaries, Vol. II.” And of course they did, so for those of you who haven’t actually read the book, I won’t spoil it for you except to say that Lexi and Stefan’s first encounter ala television isn’t quite the same as the book. And while I was initially disappointed at the fact that Lexi’s storyline was so sparse, the incredible blood drawing and heart wrenching emotion of the remainder of the night more than quenched my thirst.

There was the awkwardness of Bonnie and Jeremy, the stealing of Bonnie’s powers, and the pleas of Jenna to know the truth. And of course who else missed Vampire Barbie as much as me? I can’t really believe I said that. I never once thought I would be sad to miss seeing Caroline in an episode. So, where to start.

How stupid can Damon really be? I mean let’s be realistic. I suppose I could use a more graceful and elegant term as opposed to stupid. How about this…Damon is lacking the keenness of mind, aka….he’s a moron. It’s becoming quite tiresome, but also entertaining to continuously see Damon make the decisions he does every week. All I can say is thank God he’s pretty (where I’m from that’s what you say to someone who’s not exactly participating in the intelligence class. He’s trying to be more brawn than brains and well, he’s not even exactly brawn anymore. Let’s take a look at Katherine. She is a manipulator, and how long has Damon known this? And why would he begin to believe her and WHY WOULD HE EVEN GO TO SEE HER???? It was ludicrous. He deserves to NOT have Elena.

And how about Elena coming through at the end. I really thought that perhaps Kevin and Julie were going to follow through with L.J. Smith’s original story and actually turn Elena into a vampire. Think of the ramifications that would have on everyone within Mystic Falls. Would there no longer be a storyline? After all, the Salvatore brothers and a lot of other people are all about keeping Elena alive, human alive, so if she became a vampire, what would that mean to the series? Not to worry. I have faith in Kevin and Julie that they could turn it into something entertaining, for instance Jeremy Gilbert could be the one to really hold the key to curing the vampire curse and with the help of Bonnie he could bring Elena back to life as a human. It’s just a thought, in case they ever actually turn Elena into a vampire. Too far-fetched? Not far-fetched enough? Oh, well. I have my times.

As for Jenna, I blogged last month about a feeling Sara Canning had about her character getting a more meaty storyline and it looks like that may be coming to fruition. I give a huge amount of “you go, girl!” to Jenna for finally waking up and confronting Alaric. Don’t get me wrong. I love Alaric and I know he’s only trying to protect her, but it was getting old continuously seeing Jenna as a naive wilting flower. She’s a strong and independent woman. She deserves to know the truth and she deserves her chance in the ring with the big bads who are trying to kill her family. And when the truth does come out, I hope the first person she kicks in the kisser is John Gilbert.

Speaking of John, Alaric gave him his ring. First off, I still don’t believe that is John’s ring. Secondly, John is about as big of an idiot as Damon. No wonder they can’t stand each other. When it comes to personality and intelligence, they’re like Siamese twins. Does John really think that because he has that ring he’s safe? Is he really that smug? Katherine can’t stand him and she’s already chopped off his fingers once and tried to kill him. Not to mention that John’s true love, Isobel, who really doesn’t love him just allowed him to offer up his sperm as a donation, will be back (I haven’t confirmed this anywhere, it’s just a feeling I have) and will stand up for Alaric. Poor, John, he’s just screwed all the way around.

It looks like next week is going to only continue to raise the standard. What did you guys think about tonight’s episode and do you still believe that Elijah is dead? He’s fooled us quite a few times in the past. And what will the gang do in order to get Bonnie her powers back? I can’t imagine her going the rest of the season without her supernatural mind-numbing abilities. And will Bonnie and Jeremy tell Elena? Guess we’ll have to wait until next week.

How many times can a person “Cry Wolf”?

These past couple of episodes have left me emotionally charged. I find myself riding a rollercoaster of anger, hurt, sympathy, ecstasy, and even sadness. Tonight there was no difference.

Originally, I started writing my blog from the start and it became a “bashing Tyler” event in my house. I found myself so angry at his self-centeredness that I wanted to actually punch my t.v. when I saw his face! How shameful is that? But as the episode played on and each scene flashed before my eyes, I knew it, well originally just hoped for it, that Tyler was really not going to eat the rancid meat of lies Jules and her pack were trying to feed him. For a split second, I truly believed he was willing to kill Elena just to free himself from his curse. I was nearly to my point of writing up a blog with a page devoted to nothing but reasons why Tyler she have his scruffy little rear handed to him, and let me tell you, I came up with quite a few crafty ones. In the end, Tyler no longer allowed himself to be controlled by the demons of who he was and where he came from. He no longer succumbed to the excuse of his unemotional and absent father-figure childhood. He accepted who he was, begrudgingly, but he accepted it and did the manly thing, making amends to the best of his capability and then leaving town. I just don’t think he’s gone for long. Jules’ friends may be dead and gone, but there’s still the chance to break the curse and Tyler desperately wants that.

Remember last week, when Papa John returned? Remember how I stated that he was missing that sensitivity chip in his brain? Remember how I hoped he would possibly find a way to repent his evil nature and perhaps just by the luck of God become a good human being? A father to Elena, a confidant, and a friend, not just a sperm doaner? Well, a girl can always hope, can’t she? John is being ridiculous with Jenna. It’s almost the old saying of “misery loves company”. Is he really that unhappy that he must bring others down with him? And I have to say, his little snark towards Alaric was most unappreciated. If Isobel heard his little threat about wanting Alaric’s ring back, I believe she would gladly chop off John’s other fingers. See? What John doesn’t understand (or maybe he does and doesn’t care) is that Isobel had her little fling with him, but her heart and her love was with Alaric and if comes down to John threatening Alaric’s life, Mama Isobel may just make her presence known again. And could that be in the near future? I think so. The websites and blogs have been ablaze with stories of Isobel’s return.

We finally figured out Elijah’s plan tonight and how many of you were really in the dark over that? I don’t see many hands raised (I know I can’t really see you guys at all), so this wasn’t a new revelation. Neither was Elena’s to Stefan when she told him that she knew the deal she was making with Elijah did not include saving her life. Poor poor Stefan, he looked so dumbfounded when she said that. I thought we were going to see tears of Damon’s caliber ala Rose’s death.

And what about the Jeremy/Bonnie kiss? OK, Ok, I haven’t been on board with this originally, but it’s kind of growing on me each week. I can’t deny how hot and steamy it was and how my heart began to flutter and my body temperature rose. Of course that could be attributed to my pregnancy hormones right now. Wink wink!

So, next week we’re going to experience another flashback this time via Stefan. It looks like the dashingly good-hearted of the Salvatore brothers wasn’t quite so nice when he first turned. If you want to know more, then pick up Volume 2 of Stefan’s Diaries released last month. It will give you a bit of back story into his life and let’s see how well Kevin and Julie follow their own creative writing. Will they take artistic liberties within their own book when converting the story into television? We’ll just have to wait and find out.

Hush Little Baby, Don’t Say a Word, Daddy’s Going to Buy You…..A Dagger and Ash From a Centuries Old Oak Tree?

“Daddy Issues” definitely starts out with a bang. I suppose I was wrong to hold out hope that perhaps somewhere there was just one iota of a chance for Uncle John to get a new personality while he was off mending his wounds. I was wrong. He’s still missing that all too crucial sensitivity chip that makes him appear more human. Does the words “couth”, “subtlety”, or even “compassion” completely escape his vernacular? He may be back to help protect Elena, but I don’t foresee him not jabbing at Jenna when he can. He’s basically taken away her guardianship at least for Elena, but not for Jeremy. Maybe that means he can’t stay with them after all? And how old is Elena now? Have we ever seen her celebrate a birthday? I’m struggling to remember that, so if she has, please fellow VampD’ers refresh my memory.

I never really thought it was possible to make me angry with a character, to actual feel so much hatred and animosity that I really just wanted to smack them around. For crying out loud, Katherine didn’t really incite this sort of behavior out of me, but she-wolf Jules really has my blood boiling. I knew it was much too convenient and easy for her to be in town just to be the mentor that Tyler needs since Mason is gone. There’s some sort of underlying story here. Unfortunately, I just can’t figure it out yet, but I can’t help but wonder if she and her pack aren’t working for Klaus is some form or fashion. Could it be that she wants to break the curse of the werewolves? I can’t possibly be convinced that she doesn’t want to continue to run on all fours, covered in fur. I don’t think she wants to be a slave to the moon any longer because it would put her on more level playing ground with the vampires. Plus she enjoys the werewolf part of her too much, the power, the hunger, and the intimidation. I do not believe her “surprise” at the end of not knotting that Mason decided to stay around for the moonstone. She’s a manipulator and is only looking out for herself and what she wants. It’s obvious that she’s not going to heed Dr. Martin’s warning either. That’s too bad, because Jules won’t survive for long in Mystic Falls.

And then we’re back to other evil doer of Mystic Falls, Katherine. So, Uncle John and Isobel are working to get her out as well. Is that such a good idea and truth be known I had pretty much forgotten about Katherine. That whole out of sight, out of mind philosophy definitely holds true. And since they seem to be anti-Elijah, could it be true that Elijah really isn’t trustworthy. To quote the words of Jenna, “I’m confused”. I want to really believe Uncle John. I want him to genuinely love his daughter, to care for her safety, but he hasn’t exactly put her best interests first. He’s always managed to keep himself closed off from anything other than his view and I just don’t know if it’s possible for him to really change. I suppose it’s best for Elena to keep her distance, but nothing makes me angrier than for John to play on her emotions, to take advantage of her mental and emotional state.

And as for Caroline, the poor girl. I shouldn’t say poor girl. As she told Stefan, she can handle herself, and there’s no doubt about that. I really just wish it were possible for her to tell Matt the real reason she’s been avoiding him. When she had to lie to him at the end, I literally felt her anguish and pain just more compounded since I knew that Matt had caught her in a lie. Julie and Kevin, can’t you give the girl a break? I guess I should just be happy that Caroline hasn’t been killed off. But you know, this character has taken such a complete 180 it’s almost unbelievable. When I think back to the original Caroline, from the start of Vampire Diaries, I really couldn’t stand her. It actually didn’t bother me to see her being used by Damon because she was the type to use and manipulate others, always putting her needs first. In my view, she was an expendable character, but not now. I can’t imagine an episode without her. And my favorite part was her sticking it to Tyler. I loved it!!!! The pup better watch his back.

As usual, I was left wanting more after this episode. I’m conflicted over Damon. He’s become soft, but I also don’t appreciate his need to kill anymore. Since Rose’s death, he has regressed back to who he was when he first came to Mystic Falls and I can’t help but worry about how Bonnie will react to that. Remember, she did promise him suffering if he killed again. How soon before she catches on? And are Dr. Martin and Luka really working in Bonnie’s best interest or are they just fearful of Elijah and bound to him because of another insanely ludicrous curse? We’ll have to wait and find out.