What’s in store now that Klaus is in town?

Of course, I’ve done my research, and I can tell you all what to expect in the final four episodes of Vampire Diaries. That’s right, I said final 4, tis sad but true.

As we all know, Klaus is returning this week. The real Klaus, not just an Alaric possessed version. Next week, April 28th will see the return of Tyler, but why is that? He receives a mysterious phone call that lures him back into Mystic Falls and the question in the air is will he be alone, or will Jules be joining him? And what length will he go to in order to rid himself of the curse he’s unwittingly triggered or will he be another casualty in this battle? There are so many turns for him take, decisions for him to make.

May 5th which is the 5th episode of the final 6 of the season will see the most blood shed of the season. Julie Plec is teasing that this episode will have a significant number of casualties. Who among are Mystic Fall gang will fall? It’s still not going to be Caroline, she’s safe, but others have already been voted off. Any ideas as to who else will suffer?

So, let’s get back to Klaus. This week, we’re in for a treat as this will be another infamous flash back episode with tons of back story. Plus we’ll also get a look at the modern day Klaus. Just as an FYI, all previews we’ve seen with Klaus, shows him with golden brown locks of the King Arthur era, which would be about right considering he’s over 500 years old. The latest photos of 21st century Klaus are pretty appealing. I’m excited to see what his relationship with Katherine was like when they first crossed paths. What exactly did she do to him? I’m still convinced there was a love affair between the two of them. He’s still hurting and wants her to suffer. Remember last week’s episode? I believe the quote was it took him over 500 years to find her, and it was going to take at least half that amount of time for her to die. Her death will be slow and painful, but it’s inevitable. I don’t forsee Katherine making it past this season.

And then my next question is what about Elena and Damon? Is it possible that Elena will finally stop fighting her feelings where Damon is concerned. Yeah, you know what, he’s selfish with everything including her, but he’s a lot more selfless with her than Stefan will ever be. The two of them will come to blows over her and the question is how will it end? I have a few ideas, but I’m going to wait to see what happens this week.

So, check out the pics from this week’s upcoming episode. And let me know what you think about Klaus and what exactly his relationship was with Katherine. Here’s an idea to ponder and this picture only adds to this theory….. a love triangle between Elijah, Klaus, and Katherine. Were Elijah and Klaus the “original” version of the Salvatores?


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  1. love it!!! cant wait!! I want Elena and Damon!!! Love the idea of Elijah and Klaus being the “original” version of the Salvatores! cant wait for white sauce and VD haha

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