Who Will Survive?

So, you all know how much I love to read up on gossip about Vampire Diaries and even find out spoilers and what’s to come. Naturally with only two more episodes left in this season, I’m anxious to know what’s going to happen and what might we expect to see in Season 3. Once again, for those of you completely UNAWARE and out of the loop…..Vampire Diaires was given the green light for Season 3! So here’s a few little spoilers coming our way. If you’re not interested in known what’s going to happen, then skip this blog. My feelings won’t be hurt!

Season 3 has been dubbed “The Season of the Originals”, so that means Klaus and Elijah will survive. Does that mean we will also see some of their fellow brothers and sisters? Perhaps they will join the fray to stop Klaus as he attempts to break the curse? I can’t confirm that, but I’ve learned anything is possible.

For those of you that are Delena fans (Damon and Elena, for the ones who don’t follow the show as much) the question has been posed will something happen between Damon and Elena, and the word something is a bit broad. Something will happen and it won’t be unexpected. Some fans will be excited, others will be disappointed.

Tonight we can expect to see some serious witch on witch action between Bonnie and Greta. We didn’t expect Bonnie to continue to stay hidden especially when she hears about Elena, but I am curious to see her reaction to Greta. She promised Dr. Martin to save Greta, but will she be able to stick to that? And is Greta being compelled by Klaus or is she a willing participant? Lisa Tucker, who plays Greta, says that even the greatest of fans won’t see or expect all the twists tonight. She’s such a tease!

Klaus will take a special interest in Stefan. To what degree, I’m not sure, but there’s a level of fascination Klaus has with Stefan. Their encounters will be intense and expect to see a different side of Klaus when he’s around Stefan. I won’t dare say anything more than that.

It’s not much, but just a few little things to make you all think about what’s to come. Some will come out tonight and it will be a non stop ride, so be prepared to not move from your couch. See you all after “The Sun Also Rises”.


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