Another finale and another death?

We saw the deaths of four people last week, some we were anticipating, but others that were heart wrenching. Are the deaths over or can we expect a shocker tonight, perhaps the death of Damon after his deadly werewolf bite from Tyler? I hope not and apparently I’m in the minority. After Damon’s selfish act of feeding Elena vampire blood thereby taking away her choice, many fans of this wonderfully captivating show have jumped on the twitter waves openly bashing Damon and hoping for a long and torturous death to one of my favorite characters. I’ve being in the minority is a lot more fun especially when I’m right and my gut tells me that Damon will live and the poor boy did nothing the rest of us wouldn’t do either. When caught in throes of emotional distress, a person will do anything. If I were in Damon’s position and felt like I was going to lose the one thing I loved more than anything else in this world, then I can’t say I would do anything different from what he did. Given the option of keeping my brother alive or watching him die, I would have gladly sold my soul to the devil himself to have my brother still alive and walking this earth. Let’s cut Damon some slack for still having his human side and our fingers crossed that Stefan will find a cure for Damon.

So, after last week’s episode I tweeted that being pregnant (which I am right now) was much like being a vampire. Your emotions and sensitivity are heightened and more amplified. Last week I cried more than I thought possible for an episode of Vampire Diaries. Jenna’s death was hard and has left many questions, for example what will happen to Alaric? What sort of storyline can he possibly have? And Jeremy and Elena, they are still considered minors by the state, who will be their guardian now, especially since Uncle John sacrificed himself? Speaking of Uncle John, I never thought it was possible for him to have a selfless act, yet I still believed and held out hope. In the end, I was right and my hope won.

And now that Klaus has officially transitioned (or did he?) what does this mean for Katherine? Didn’t he compel her to stay in Alaric’s apartment? If he’s not dead then she’s stuck there forever, but the pictures I’ve seen for tonight show Katherine. Question is, is it a flash back, something we’ve been promised a lot of from Damon’s point of view? And who doesn’t love flash backs?

Finally, I want to leave you with one little bit of information which makes me wonder if every season finale will end up this way for Vampire Diaries……tonight there is a gathering in town square with a showing of Gone With The Wind. All hell apparently breaks loose after that. And if you recall last year’s finale, the backdrop was the town square as well and weren’t the ladies all in their Gone With The Wind gowns. Is there a theme to the finales? I suppose we’ll just have to continued to watch each year and see if there’s a pattern. Can’t wait for tonight and I’ll catch you all on the other side.



  1. I join you in the minority… I LOVE DAMON… if he dies i wont watch EVER again!!!

  2. I also am a HUGEEE fann of Damon … YAY Team Damon!! I missed the final episode but im positive that Damon doesnt die.. his love for Elena keeps the show interesting!! cant wait to hulu the final episode tonight!! 🙂

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