As I Lay Dying

I’m dying to get this off my chest. I was thoroughly disappointed in this year’s season finale. I suppose it does leave for a good cliffhanger, but not to the OMG point where I’m going to spend my summer thinking about what is going to happen next. Last summer, I started this blog because I became overwhelmingly devouted to a television show that glamourized small town life and made vampires romantic and dangerous. I fell in love with the characters, the brooding personality of Stefan Salvatore, the wholesome goodness of Elena Gilbert, and the devastating beauty of bad boy Damon. Last year, the show ended with a bang, a bang that I wasn’t expecting. And with each new episode, I kept getting more pulled into the lives of the trio and their friends. I even dreamt about the characters a lot of nights. And fortunately for me, this year hasn’t been a disappointment at least not until I got to the finale, and then I was expecting more.

I think you’re all well aware that I’m Team Damon and have been from day one. I think it’s his bad boy nature, or maybe it’s the fact that he feeds off of his human emotions more so that Stefan, or maybe it’s that intoxicating blue eyes that I could imagine staring into for the rest of my life. OK, ok, so I took that a little far, but you have to agree those baby blues are quite beautiful. I knew that Damon wouldn’t die, he couldn’t die. And since I knew this, it meant that I was as engrossed in the finale. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited that Elena kissed Damon, that she forgave him for thinking with his heart and not his head. I also had a pretty good idea that Klaus was going to be the cure in some form or fashion considering he’s the one and only hybrid werewolf vampire. There were a few gaps in the writing that I didn’t quite follow.

For example, how exactly did Katherine get into the Salvatore house? Didn’t Damon and Stefan sign over the deed to Elena and she is now the owner and if that’s the case, doesn’t Katherine have to be invited in? I know it was more dramatic for her to be standing at the door watching Elena kiss Damon while Stefan was off sacrificing himself to Klaus to save his brother, but it didn’t add up. Katherine was already under Klaus’ control compulsion when Elena took over ownership of the Salvatore house. Next, how did Klaus and Elijah get back into Alaric’s apartment? Klaus I can understand, but not Elijah. Elijah was never invited in and he has to be invited in by either an owner or full time resident and neither of them were there. Finally, why exactly didn’t Klaus just kill Katherine when he had the chance? I guess this means we are going to have to suffer through her shenanigans (which are getting old by the way) another year. If we’re lucky, it will be very sporadic.

What I did enjoy was the creation of Ripper Stefan. It brings a whole new dynamic to the show. It’s nice to see that Stefan is going to have more than his broody, guilty, whoa is me, personality. I’m super excited to see what will happen even if it means Stefan will have to kill innocents. We know that Elena won’t give up on him, and that she along with Damon, will chase after Stefan to save him from Klaus. I’m just unsure how that’s going to happen considering Klaus can’t be killed. Well, I’m sure he can be killed, I just can’t fathom how. And speaking of Ripper Stefan, I see a bit of a parallel to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Is Stefan going to be an evil Angel and Elena is going to be Buffy who has to kill him in the end? Highly unlikely, but I do see the parallels. And I’m pretty certain that Kevin Williamson’s friendship with Joss Whedon (Buffy’s creator) is being seen in the writing and will likely be seen next year as well. Perhaps they’ll bring Joss on as a guest writer.

The return of Jeremy’s girlfriends should prove interesting. I’m hoping for an exciting storyline for Alaric and maybe he’ll become the legal guardian of the Gilbert children. The return of Vickie should be something interesting for everyone to chew on including Matt and Caroline. I don’t think Vickie is good, I don’t think she has enough strength to be good, so I’m curious as to how she’ll impact Matt and Caroline’s relationship and then there’s Tyler as well. I’m hoping for a hook up between Tyler and Caroline. When this show started last year, they were both self-centered, over assured, arrogannt and spoiled high school brats. Thanks to their circumstances, they’ve both matured greatly. The two of them together should be a pretty unstoppable force and I can see Tyler fighting for Caroline. I hope he does.

As for the summer, don’t worry. I’ll still be around. Since the show is on summer vacation, I plan on spending my summer re-vamping (like the play on words) the blog, adding more pages and updating the current pages. I promise to keep track of all of the comings and goings of the cast and writers and what may or may not be happening next season. Until then, have a great summer!



  1. GIRL!!! I was so happy to wake up to this today!! You did not go overboard on TEAM DAMON!!! (you just forgot to mention the fact that they show him each episode without a shirt which is my fav part!! ha) you are so right, and you nailed EXACTLY why i have a hard time loving stephan… his poor pitiful me attitude!! Oh poor me im not drinking human blood, oh poor me my brother is bad, and so on!!! I LOVE the parallel of Buffy/angel idea … that was GREAT DYNAMIC in the slayer series and will be interesting to see elana have to become more “badass” with stepan instead of so sweet and lovey dovey… sometimes they make me sick!!
    Ah yes finally the jeremy angle!!! I am VERY excited for that, each of the “ghosts of girlfriends past” (or what ever they are) have such an interesting history with the other charaters it will definately mix things up!! My question is… did they come back as ghosts, humans or vamps!?
    Love you!!! 🙂

  2. I thought about how everyone got into the various homes too…. Great blog. Excited to see what you post over the summer! You’ve got to keep all your followers “in the know.” I need it 🙂

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