Season Three and Rippa Stefan

Summer is slowly ticketing by and for those of here in the States, it’s been grueling and unbearable hot . It’s been perfect for staying inside and getting caught up on repeat episodes of The Vampire Diaries. When our favorite blood sucking, teenage soap opera ended, a lot was left open for a new season with adventures and escapades even more exciting than before. Klaus has forced our beloved Stefan to become his old self in order to save his brother, Damon. What will this mean for Elena? And what about the kiss she gave Damon at the end? She’s not so unlike Katherine after all. Of course, Jeremy will have his own set of problems, with the return of his many exes. Are they real or are they visions and how will this impact his growing relationship with Bonnie? I have my theories of what to expect when the new season starts on September 15th, but let’s take a look at some of the latest gossip flowing out of San Diego’s Comic Con.

Saturday night marks the panel we’ve all waited for, and even before that Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson decided to drop a little hint as to what’s up. As soon as the panel and discussions are complete, I will update you all on the latest and greatest in Season 3. In the meantime, take a gander at this thought….Jeremy’s “visions” of his former girlfriends may have something to do with “powers” that have been bestowed upon him. The question is how soon will he find out he has these “powers” and what will he do with them? I’m told that Bonnie will not know about this immediately, but it will definitely drive a rift between the two budding lovebirds. Bonnie can’t exactly complain considering the fact that she was told there would be consequences to her actions when she asked for Jeremy to be brought back to life.

Matt and Caroline seem to be over, but Caroline and Tyler could be the new “It” couple. I did consider one thought where Caroline and Tyler are concerned and that being the two of them could create their own vampire/werewolf hybrid. Unfortunately, it would take much too long for the little pup to grow up and be a force for Klaus. Not to mention the fact that technically Caroline is dead, so I believe that means her reproductive organs are dead as well. It was a good theory, or so I thought.
And for those of you who wondered, much like myself, how Katherine was able to enter the Salvatore house considering the fact that Stefan and Damon had signed over the deed to Elena and obviously Elena would not have invited Katherine in. Kevin Williamson tweeted why this was possible, and it’s because Elena died when Klaus killed her. We know that Uncle John, or actually Papa John, saved Elena by sacrificing his own life. So, the Gilbert children are now left without a guardian. Perhaps it’ll be Alaric who takes over.

Stay tuned as I post updates from Comic Con.


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