Damon Salvatore

Every town, every fable, every story, and every love triangle has its resident bad boy.   The boy so devilishly evil that men want to punch him, kick him in the gut, and women hate themselves for wanting him so bad.   We all know that type of bad boy.   In most cases, he’s devastatingly handsome, usually with a smile that can make women swoon.    Women want to play games with these types of bad boys, to pretend that these boys are beneath them, not worthy of their undivided attention, but the elusive evil makes those very same women the prey.   Yes, that’s right, Damon Salvatore is nothing more than a predator and the women of Mystic Falls, Va.  are his breakfast, lunch, dinner, mid afternoon and late night snacks.  

Damon Salvatore is the oldest of two brothers born during  the mid 1800s to the son of one of the prominent founders of Mystic Falls.   He was a soldier during the War Between the States (that’s the Civil War for you Northerners).   His competitive love for a beautiful young maiden by the name of Katherine Pierce is his initial downfall and I believe a big part of the reason for his continued anger throughout the entire first season of The Vampire Diaries.   On the surface, he wants people to believe his hatred for his brother, Stefan, eclipses any feelings of love, compassion, and endearment he could ever possibly have.   As he once said he believes that turning off his former human emotions for actually caring make his undead/dead life more bearable.   But doesn’t “not” caring apply to all forms of emotion.   After all, Damon once tells Stefan that he hopes Elena dies, so doesn’t that imply a form of emotional caring, bad as it may sound?   His behavior is almost ironic.  

When Season One comes to end, we’re left with a repentant Damon, one that appears to be genuinely sorry for the atrocities he has committed.  He even extends a heartfelt apology to Elena’s brother Jeremy for taking Vickie away and thanks Bonnie for saving his life.   He feels that he has been given a second chance, but perhaps he’s also squandering that second chance when he takes advantage of the opportunity to kiss Elena.   In the end, we find that it wasn’t Elena, but the one who made helped make him into the man that he is.   None other than Katherine Pierce herself.   What’s in store for Damon at the start of Season Two?    And will we officially find out just who Damon Salvatore really is?   Has he not been keeping his true self concealed quite long enough?


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  1. From the very first episode even Damon tries soo hard to show Stefan that he is the bad guy,I always felt that Damon has some goodness in him.Some times it felt like it was hopeless but I knew Damon would be good someday and help and care for his friends!!! And he’e so Kawaaiiiii and Sweet!!!! =D

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