Elena Gilbert

Every good story needs a heroine, that female character to fall in love with and champion in the fight of good vs. evil. Most of us already have a vision in our head of her physical characteristics, so I have to commend the casting director of Vampire Diaries for picking Nina Dobrev to fill the shoes of Elena Gilbert & Katherine Pierce.

When I envision a heroine, I like to think that she’s beautiful, she’s elegant, and she’s classy. Her heart is big enough for everyone to share in her unwavering love and she gladly gives out little pieces of it, fully realizing how badly its needed. She must have strength unlike any other, and I don’t mean physical strength. I’m talking about strength of character, strength of heart, mind, and soul, strength to put others above herself. She’s a dreamer, but also a realist, knowing that life is what it is, but dreams make it a lot more bearable. And she must have brains as well. The whole damsel in distress routine doesn’t exactly flow in my head and the majority of those broads are usually missing a few screws in the attic boards.

Elena Gilbert has suffered enough tragedy at such a young age, with the death of her parents, that to expect to see someone as composed and compassionate as she is, well it’s almost exhilirating. Elena is not a partier, but she has fun. She has responsibilities, definitely not to the level of most adults, but I’m sure she could handle those just as easily. Elena is a true angel and savior in a world full of literal and hypothetical demons. She is a true guardian of those less fortunate.


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  1. love her in vampire diaries

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