Martyrs, Savers and Heroes

I love Elena, don’t get me wrong.  But, sometimes, I just want to smack her for being so too selfless.  Doesn’t she realize that not caring about your own safety in order to protect the ones you love inevitably hurts those closest to you in the end?  You take away the decision making process from them and they have to risk everything to save you because they love you just as much as you love them.  So, harming yourself to protect them never pays off.  I was so mad, Damon-mad, when Elena pulled the stunt she did with Rose.  Since Elena knows all her loved ones are somehow involved in the plan with Klaus, does she really think that offering herself to Klaus will protect them?  She’s bright.  She can’t honestly think that Klaus will stop with just her, can she?  We all know it will just give him one more puzzle piece and he’ll eventually collect everyone.  Why can’t Elena see this?  She isn’t saving them, she just making it easier to capture everyone for his evil endgame.  This episode has me Elena-frustrated and I am not Team Elena right now.

I am Team Damon this week though.  Which, if you ask HotMsD, is a rarity for me.  He was back on his game this week with the funny one-liners and the typical evil chivalries.  Yes, I think there can be evil chivalry because Damon isn’t a nice person most of the time, but he risked everything to save Elena.  He left Stefan alone to deal with Katherine in order to save Elena.  Neither turned out well because Elijah knows where Elena is and that the Salvatore’s are protecting her, and Stefan ended up trapped in the tomb.  Oops.   But, Damon’s heroic nature reared its head and it was beautiful.  His angry banter with Elena, putting his foot down with her and putting her in her place was pure poetry.  I loved that Damon chastised Elena when it is usually the other way around.  Damon usually feels guilty and remorseful over something he has done to her.  Now, it’s her turn.  And, she never said thank you because she believes she was justified in her actions.  It’s as though her selfless character turned around to spite everyone.  I’m not happy with her this week because she is acting too much in character.  Ms. Selfless needs to stop her inner reflection and see how actions affect others.  I hope Elena realizes that martyring herself only ended up hurting the ones she loves in the end.  Stefan’s trapped; Jeremy died who knows how many times; Bonnie harmed herself trying to work the spell; and Damon could have been killed by Elijah had her not run off, all because of Elena. 

Side Note: What is up with Elijah and Mr. Warlock-man?  Is Elijah controlling everyone to make them do his bidding?  When Elijah killed Slater, I thought it was because he supplied information to Rose and Damon about the Doppelganger.  Then, Elijah killed the two vampires that came to take Elena to Klaus.  I started to wonder if Elijah is working for himself and NOT Klaus.  I don’t know to what end, but it seems as though no one can escape Klaus, so why try and hid the Doppelganger from him?  If you remember, the last thing Elijah asked the two vampires that came for Elena, was if anyone else knew they were there and what they came for.  When they said no, Elijah killed them.  With those two dead, the known line of people connected to Klaus ran out.  With Rose probably gone for good, the Salvatore’s are in the dark when it comes to what Klaus wants and how far his plans have developed.  What I want to really know is why the curse should be broken in the first place.  I am in agreement with HotMsD. in that the originals don’t want the curse to be broken.  However, I am betting that Elijah is working for himself and Klaus doesn’t know about Elena.  I also think Klaus wants the curse broken, because what if he isn’t a daywalker and Elijah is?  If Elijah is working for himself and the curse stays in tact, then Elijah would be slated to take over as vampire ruler and off Klaus at the right moment.

Back To The Episode: Poor Saver Stefan.  He never can seem to escape Katherine for long can he?  The tomb isn’t big enough to escape her.  She’s seductive whether he likes it or not.  Katherine’s 24/7 access to Stefan’s mind is going to start to wear on him.  I don’t think he’ll be able to keep his self-doubt in check for long being underground alone with her.  Stefan’s tragic hero complex will be in overdrive as he wonders if Damon and Elena become lovers; if Stefan will ever be enough for Elena; if Stefan should just give up and give in and be with Katherine after all because he really is just like her.  I sincerely hope Stefan can hold on, at least long enough for suave-stab-Katherine-in-the-back Stefan to emerge and show us the love!  Stefan successfully rescued Jeremy, who was a complete idiot by the way, not only because Stefan is a good person, but because he loves Elena and saved her brother not because Jeremy is an innocent, but for Elena.  And, look where that got him: Trapped with demented Katherine. 

It appears martyrs fail to think how their act of martyrdom will affect everyone left behind.  Savers end up in Hell.  And, Heroes are underappreciated and never thanked, just to do the same action again with no hope of reward.  Maybe everyone ends up in Hell.

Next week’s episode (as in tomorrow because I am late with this as has been the norm lately) should be interesting to see just where Katherine’s teeth sink into Stefan’s flesh and how Damon and Elena’s relationship will be affected by having no Stefan around.


Crazier Things Have Happened……

I love when I’m right, and well tonight I may not have hit a grand slam in my Vampire Diaries predictions, but I’d say I got a double at least. Not too shabby, wouldn’t you say?

So, tonight we saw a light show, an invisible wall, a super cool human to wolf transformation (thanks Kevin and Julie), a few mind tricks, and Damon has a new haircut!

I’m so pleased with Bonnie this year, well partially at least. I’m glad to see that she’s putting aside her differences and the fact that she claims to be mortal enemies with all things vampire. She stood up to Elena and that definitely put a smiley across my face, because she’s listening to reason a.k.a. Stefan, as opposed to the self-destructive saint Elena. Now before all of you Elena fans start flogging me with canes, I am in by no means attempting to attack Elena’s character, it’s just becoming quite dull to see her brood all the time. Speaking of which, it’s been a long time waiting for a smooch of epic proportions between Elena and Stefan. Too bad all of you Delena fans out there who were secretly hoping that tonight would be the night that Damon would cave into his desires and resort back to his promise of only being around to make Stefan miserable. But I’m jumping ahead of myself, so let’s backtrack this train to Bonnie again.

Bonnie’s character has become refreshing. She’s sought out Luka for help, but she’s kept her guard up where he’s concerned. Perhaps that has something to do with going on a date with a vampire last season who was only interested in using her to get to Elena. When you get burned, you gotta learn. Nice to see Bonnie has kept that in the back of her head. My one concern is that I hope she learns quickly that the moonstone isn’t destroyed and that she’s fallen prey to a witch trick. I’m kinda curious what will happen when Bonnie finds out she was snookered. I see a light show even grander than the one tonight, almost like a duel between two witches, it could be like the scene from Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.

Enough of that, because I really just don’t want to wait anymore with telling you what exactly I was right on (I really shouldn’t just because of the fact that you should be reading my blog and then you would know), but just in case you’re not reading it or perhaps your new, which if that’s the case then WELCOME, I’ll pat myself on the back.

Last week I expressed concern over the previews for this week’s episode, namely the fact that it looked like Katherine and Stefan were going to be knocking the rocks so to speak. I couldn’t believe that would happen. No way was Stefan going to be that weak. He’s fought much too hard and has actually convinced himself that he deserves some happiness (isn’t this annoying with vampires? especially the ones who claim to have a soul and feel guilty for their past deeds. Remember Angel from Buffy fame, anyone, or perhaps the one vampire who can claim the title of actually being the first to create the “I’m not good enough to continue walking this earth”….that being Louis from “Interview With the Vampire.”) So, I couldn’t imagine Stefan throwing it all away so quickly and that’s why last week I figured that it was nothing more than Katherine getting into his head, something that we’ve seen her do once before. As always, it’s nice when I’m right. 🙂

Now the other thing I was partially right on was the whole Elijah/Klaus/doppleganger storyline. If you’ll remember, things just didn’t add up in my book. Why would Elijah prevent the other vampires from taking Elena to Klaus and why would he tell Luka’s father that Elena was being protected by the Salvatore brothers and as long as that happened, then there was nothing to worry about? Well, I thought it had something to do with controlling the vampire population and that Klaus and Elijah didn’t want to break the curse. I was partially right. We found out tonight that Elijah and Klaus have split, no longer does Elijah serve Klaus and he’s not interested in breaking the curse. I can understand why he wouldn’t want to break it, but not why Klaus would. That makes him vulnerable to the elements of typical human life. It’s almost like no longer having a spleen and which limits what you can really do in this world and with your life. So, partial score for me. Stand by while I do my happy dance.

Ok, I’m back.

The other highlights of the evening were Caroline’s devotion to Tyler. I know I praise her unselfishness every week, but each week she keeps one upping herself. It’s nice to see. And while we’re on Caroline, I did find it quite humorous when Damon referred to her as vampire Barbie. It’s just so fitting, but I really wish he would learn to cut her some slack and quit being so nasty to her. It’s not like she chose to be a vampire and she’s working very hard to control her vampire thirsts.

I am very pleased with Tyler’s transformation. I found myself actually cringing as his arm twisted backwards. At one point I even imagined that I could smell him. Kudos to Kevin and Julie for making me feel Tyler’s pain as he was forced to deal with something that he never asked for and for not making it into some cheesy computer graphics transformation. They wrote a story that drew out his suffering throughout the entire episode. They made me feel like I wasn’t just watching Tyler’s anguish, but I felt like I was experiencing it with him, and that, my friends, is excellent writing. I could only hope to write that well one day.

And finally, we’re introduced to another werewolf. I want to leave you with this thought…….Jules stated that Damon had been marked. Alaric told him to go home and bolt the doors. Remember the bite from a werewolf will kill a vampire. So here’s my question…..a bite will kill a vampire, but I thought that Damon and Stefan had rings that kept them from dying. I was under the impression that their rings didn’t just protect them from the sun, but also any other vampire kryptonite. Has anyone else wondered the same thing?

I am sad that we won’t see another Vampire Diaries until January 27th. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my time. I am creating another page for this blog. My friend, Jess, knows what it is, but I’m going to keep it on the hush-hush at least until next week. So be on the lookout for the new additions and upgrades I plan to do to the site before the end of the year. I want to thank you all for reading my blogs and for continuing to follow me. After last week, I was actually able to hit over 500 viewers. That’s right, viewers and not views. So thank you all for continuing to come to my site. And I ask that you comment as much as possible and offer up any insight or improvements you would like to see.

Until next time…….

Trailers for “By The Light of the Moon”

The last episode of the 2010 year. Check out the trailers. Hope they leave you thirsting for more!

What’s coming up in the world of Mystic Falls…..

I’ve had a couple of weeks of catching up to do with Vampire Diaries. I used to spend at least an hour everyday perusing the various websites for any new and juicy gossip, spoilers, and exciting additions to not just the television show, but also the books, actors, and writers. Unfortunately, life has gotten in the way of that and I’ve felt an aching within my soul. For a while I figured the aching was just stress from all the day to day minutiae. I was wrong. The aching was a side effect of missing new episodes of Vampire Diaries which seemed to spiral me into a depression that I couldn’t get out of. Thank goodness for a new episode last night to light my fire of inspiration. So, with that being said, here’s the latest and greatest based upon some preliminary research.

Do you love Kevin Williamson and his wonderful talent of writing shows with characters that you not only empathize with, but also idolize and envy? Dawson’s Creek, anyone? No? I suppose that was just me. So, Kevin Williamson has decided to burn the writing candle from both ends and all around. He’s penning a companion series to The Vampire Diaries. Early reports show that it’s going to be a cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The X-Files. Fortunately, or unfortunately (depending upon how you view the glass) there will not be any crossovers of characters. You won’t see Damon venturing into unknown land that may get him killed ala a slayer. Rumor does have it; however, that Julie Plec will be his side-kick with the creative juices. Does that mean Vampire Diaries will suffer because of a lack of its lifeblood?

And what about Tyler Lockwood? How many of you are beginning to worry about his transformation? I’m not talking about how it’s going to affect him, but how are the creators going to handle showing it? I have no interest in seeing the cheesy CGI effects from Twilight, so I’m hoping that Julie and Kevin are putting in a lot of thought as to how we’ll see him become a wolf. We saw last night’s episode of Tyler and Caroline watching an excruciating play by play of Mason after his more than 9 hours of transforming into a wolf. So, at least we know it won’t be at the snap of a finger. Tyler will be forced to deal with pain that can only remind me of bone aching pain, the type that constantly pumps through your bones, thumping against the inner walls and pricking every nerve throughout the body. Michael Trevino, who plays Tyler Lockwood, promises that we won’t be disappointed. I certainly hope not.
Also, I’m being told that two of Mason’s friends will venture into town checking into the whereabouts of their long lost buddy. I’ve already started the theory train on why the writers would waste their time initiating new characters into the fold. I’m not interested in sharing those just yet, but stay tuned.

Finally, I can’t possibly imagine how Stefan can really rub skin with Katherine in the way next week’s episode is teasing. I’m really hoping it’s a sick joke or Katherine is having a dream. Maybe it’s Stefan’s dream where he thinks its Elena. After all, Katherine has gotten into his head before and made him think/believe other things. I just can’t believe that Stefan would throw away a love like Elena’s to please his inner man desires with Katherine. We’ll see next week, though.
In the meantime, enjoy next week’s episode. It will be the last of this year, but to somewhat appease us, The CW will be running a Vampire Diaries marathon beginning on December 13th. A little pre holiday treat. Enjoy.

And We’re Back…..

It’s been an excruciatingly long wait, but finally Vampire Diaries is back with a new episode. I have to admit, I’ve been a bit out-of-pocket for the past couple of weeks as well, so unfortunately as you can see no new posts. Not to worry, I’m back and devoted and ready to update you all with the latest news and spoilers to hit The Vampire Diaries and its cast. First, I want to start with tonight’s episode which was packed with one-liners, selfless acts of love, and a whole lotta drama. All the ingredients I love in a series.

I want to start with the end instead of the beginning. I truly love how well the Salvatore brothers are bonding and fighting together even if it is for the love of the same woman, a woman who can’t admit to herself her true feelings for both brothers. Elena went through a lot tonight. I admire her sacrifices and the fact that she would much rather die than to see her family die, but she’s looking at it from a selfish approach. After all, she needs to put herself back in her own shoes. She’s had to live with the pain of no longer having a mother and father in her life. She is forced to wake up every morning and deal with this horrific reminder. Do you think her parents ever wanted her to be in pain and suffer? It’s the same thing with what she’s going through right now. Elena believes that if she sacrifices herself than those she love will be able to continue on and live in this world. She will no longer be alive and she will not have to personally deal with the pain of knowing that they are dead because of her. Not to mention the fact that she’s not thinking about how excruciating it will be to continue in this world without her. Trust me, I know how this feels first hand.

Damon became all hot and sexy on me tonight. I can’t lie by saying that he didn’t turn me on when he threatened Elena. I believe his words were, “get your ass out that door before I throw you over my shoulder and take you out.” It reminded me of those cheesy romance novels where the strong and independent damsel is in distress and is rescued by the bare-chested stable boy, who’s flowing locks only serve to give him added strength. You all know what I’m talking about, even if you prefer to not admit to it. Don’t worry. You’re secret is safe with me. Either way, Damon definitely turned it up on the heat factor tonight.

As for the rest of the show, I’m still wishing for a write off of Matt. There’s no point in him anymore. He has no ties to anyone on the show and there’s really no room for a storyline. Caroline and Tyler’s growing friendship I truly like and hope the writers continue with it. I’m not so sure I want to see a romance between the two of therm. Does there always have to be a romance between men and women? I suppose Harry was right when he told Sally that men and women can’t really be friends, because one of them is always wanting more from the other. Case in point, Bonnie and Jeremy. I’m a bit torn on this budding relationship as well. Jeremy has grown into quite the hottie and he’s not the whiny punk he was last season, so I’ve found my toleration of him to be much better. I just don’t know if I want he and Bonnie together, but I do know that I don’t want Bonnie spending anymore time with this Luka kid, at least not until I know a little bit more about why he’s in Mystic Falls and what his father is doing with Elijah, which leads me to my next theory……the reason Elijah left Damon and Elena alive.

My husband and I were having a discussion about this tonight. Why would Elijah kill the vampires who were after Elena, the one who knew she was the doppleganger? Well, my first theory was that Elijah didn’t want Klaus to have Elena because he wanted Elena for himself, but if that were the case then why not kill Damon and take Elena? Since that didn’t seem to add up, my wheels began turning again, so here’s what I came up with. Let me know what you think…..

Elijah and Klaus are killing off everyone who knows who Elena is because they don’t want the curse broken. Take a look at Elijah and possibly Klaus (when we’re officially introduced to him). They are the oldest vampires, the originals, and special, as Elijah likes to remind everyone. They are day walkers as well, so what if they were part of the creators of the curse of the moonstone, vampires, and werewolves? They created the curse to keep the “shadow walkers” (vampires who can’t walk in the light) in check, to control their race, manipulate them to do their own bidding? Think about it….Elijah says at the end that he didn’t kill Damon, because Damon was protecting Elena, and as long as she was protected then there was nothing to worry about. My understanding is that they’re currently casting for Klaus, who we will officially see after the start of the year. Perhaps will find out more at that point. What do you guys think?

I’m anxious to hear from you guys. What did you think of tonight’s episode? Did it live up to everything especially considering the fact that we were on such a huge hiatus? Goodnes…I was starting to go into Vampire Diaries withdrawals.

Stay tuned this weekend. I plan on getting caught up on all the latest gossip and juicy storylines along with a little bit more on my theory of the doppleganger!